Fellini's #9: Martin Phillips' "Jazz Seen: Celebrating Jazz through Photography"

Photograph by Martin Phillips.

In celebration of National Jazz Appreciation Month, the nonprofit Charlottesville Jazz Society presents Martin Phillips' "Jazz Seen: Celebrating Jazz through Photography." Sales proceeds will benefit the CJS. A First Friday opening is scheduled for April 3, 5:30-7:30pm. 200 W. Market St. 996-7729.


The food is really good there, however, I don't think the establishment tries very hard to accomodate (squeezing too many people into their booths, waitstaff fussing over replacing all table waters when a diner found their glass chipped - hello, broken ice and glass look the same!!). Additionally, it is a loud dining experience and the waitstaff are not the most enthusiatic bunch. There is usually a long wait and service can be slow. If you can put up with all of this, then you are in for a treat if you stick to the items the author mentions in the review.

I wish the place were more vegetarian-friendly. Even the corn chowder has meat in it. What the...?!

Stopped going there because they allow smoking at the bar, smoke would drift over to the eating section. Not sure if this has changed, maybe someone could please enlighten me, thanks.

Wife and I ate there about a month ago. Poor service, lackluster food, and the place looked like it hadn't been cleaned for a week. We used to like to come here, but never again.