Snap o' the Day: Norfolk's light rail

Construction of Norfolk's 7.4-mile, $232 million (or $288 million) light rail system advances as seen here in this March 20 view of its elevated tracks near Norfolk State University (which just happens to be the alma mater of Virginia Festival of the Book speaker Tim Reid).


Meredith Richards, Norfolk needs you. As Charlottesville and Lynchburg celebrate the soon to be expanded Amtrak train service ---looks like citizens of Norfolk will have a train to get around their city but not one to get out of it.

From the Virginia Pilot " Train Service is picking up but not for this trackless town "

"Along the East Coast, Amtrak is a dependable and a mildly popular way to get from here to there. Across Virginia, it is a legitimate form of transportation with more than a million riders, up more than 5 percent over a year ago. Nationally, ridership has increased for each of the past six years.

It's just that here, it feels like we missed the train. Which makes sense. There are no tracks. No station either. Just two curbside drop-off points in Norfolk and the Beach. Smaller areas such as Clifton Forge, Culpeper, Danville, Springfield, Lynchburg and a list of other, less-populated regions all have better service."

"Light"? This thing looks as if it were designed by the antediluvian engineers from Amtrak. Can't wait to see what kind of cornfed pigs they're planning to run on it.
Light rail would be an order of magnitude more affordable if the designers lived in this century. Perhaps an X-Prize competition would supply enough motivation to get it right. (Yes, I have an entry ready.)

I think it's total BS that they can take an entire parking lot & block a whole street for this project. Not to mention the city re-bricking the mall at the same time. Are they trying to kill all the business' downtown at once?