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This guy's an idiot. Take vitamin supplements no matter what. You can't get enough nutrition from eating food these days. Everyone knows that.

You can get enough nutrition from eating foods and not everyone needs supplements which have their own adverse effects.

Each of us needs to do their own evaluation.

Calling somone an idiot because they disagree is the sign of someone who is insecure about their side of the issue.

hi im a 43 yr old female with cardiac disease, for the past two months ive been getting so tired i actually sit and cry,,my got up and go, got up and a call from my dr confirms that i have vitamin b12 deficiency, on mon , i will start receiving injection . i was also diagnosed with a stomach bacteria, are these two connected, ive also been having more frequent bouts of chest pain, and lots of heart fluttering, palpatations, please help if you can. thank you kindly, ps, i love your sense of humour.

Hi also love your sense of humor. My mom has CHF and A-Fib. Her tests say she has enough B-12. But all her symptoms lead to B-12 def.
Could it of caused the damage her right side of her heart has? and all the other heart problems? when she goes to the hospital with chest pressure she comes out fine. So we suspect B-12 def. Thank you for your answers.