The Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson Band

One of C-ville's youngest and most promising folk pairings takes to the stage with a backing band to sing songs from their duo record and probably several from Nesbit's solo debut from last year.

Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson - Three Steps Out The Door [live]
Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson - Passing Through
Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson - Train Song

Carleigh Nesbit - Three Steps Out The Door
Carleigh Nesbit - River Run Dry
Carleigh Nesbit - Turn On The Heat
Carleigh Nesbit - Your City Skies

The other guys aren't slouches either: drummer Brenning Greenfield was cooking up some serious rackets on the skins with now-defunct youngstaphunk band Creole Soul Patrol a couple years ago, and violinist Shankar Srinivasan was the star soloist in the CHS orchestra's Paramount performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons way back in 2006; Nesbit now likens him to younger and more Y-chromosomal version of Anne Marie Calhoun – which, as you already know if you've been paying attention, is serious praise indeed.


I'll take it upon myself to announce an unauthorized call for submissions here: Carleigh says they're looking for a new band name. It is, admittedly, getting a bit awkward at this point.

So, any ideas? Morwenna Lasko and Jay Pun had a winner in my book last year when they went (briefly) with "The What The Folk?! Band." Can anybody beat that?

Carleigh wrote in to say they've settled on a name. Keep an eye open for shows from "Chick Tragic and the Roosters" coming up over the next few months at Is, Gravity, Blue Mountain Brewery, and the Devils Backbone Brewing Company.