Last time... Playboy found one here

Playboy typically snaps some local beauties and publishes its Girls of the whatever conference. But in autumn 2005, a UVA Girl of the ACC made it all the way to Miss October status in Hugh Hefner's magazine. Alas, proximity to Hef is no guarantee of success, as Trevor Moore, a Charlottesville-bred comedian, is learning.


I guess the lazers will be polishing cooches overtime for the next few weeks

Both --read the links

UVA girls get out your swim suits and lingerie

WINA reports :
Playboy Returns To Cville For "Girls Of The ACC"

Playboy magazine is coming back to this area for a model search. The publication is preparing its next round of featuring college students from the various athletic conference across the U.S. Playboy's website says photographers will visit this area next Monday and Tuesday to look for female students at UVA who want to be part of the October issue featuring ââ?¬Å?Girls of the ACC.” Applications are being taken at the magazine's website, Those attending the audition will answer some questions and pose in a two-piece swimsuit or lingerie.

Think I'll skip this movie --

Is this article about boobs or trevor moore??? was he in playgirl?

Wow, a $10,000 price drop when in this area there's several years worth of unsold housing inventory. And as the article says, this is an unfinished construction zone. Buyers are going to come rushing to get in on such a bargain!

...not to mention that these houses feel like living on an island surrounded by not much but mud.