Pep band defeated again

A student columnist laments the perpetual exile of UVA's irreverent Pep Band the same day that media report that the lead donor for the recent Scott Stadium renovation has pledged an eight-figure sum to its rival.


Humor is subjective, but my problem with the Pep Band was always that it never appeared they ever bothered to practice or rehearse. Their musicianship as an ensemble was embarrassing - to the University as a whole and to the musicians themselves. They didn't give a hoot what they actually sounded like, and when push comes to shove "what you sound like" is or should be of paramount importance to any entity that calls itself a "band."

Has anyone ever surveyed students on this subject? In my time at UVa (pretty recent), I thought the Pep Band was an embarrassment. I feel like most students shared that view. Does anyone care about the Pep Band other than the members of the Pep Band?

Yeah, but the Pep Band SUCKED. It was truly embarrassing to be a UVa fan at the Continental Tire Bowl in Charlotte. The "humor" was sophomoric at best and in VERY poor taste.

More evidence of the Sports/Industrial complex -- alive and well at THE UNIVERSITY