Teen inmate escapes at Ivy rest stop

The escape of a teen inmate this morning that prompted the exterior doors of six Western Albemarle schools to be locked raises a profound ethical question: Should juveniles, normally afforded privacy, have their photos released when it's public safety matter? A Virginia State Police spokeswoman says state law prohibits the release of mugshots of juveniles. This one, en route to Missouri, is described as a 16-year-old black male wearing baggy jeans, a brown sweatshirt with yellow writing, a black hoodie and black dress shoes.


the public could at least know why he was incarcerated? Is he violent? The linked article doesn't say.

Public saftey should ALWAYS trump juvenile privacy. Especilly if he was already convicted.

There's no way for the public to help the police find this guy. All you have is a vague description. I agree with "scooby doo". This is a public safety issue and public has a right to know if they are in danger.

I think I saw him, at Fashion Square, Garrett Square, and possibly the Pantops McDonalds.

Dave I think I saw him in the car with your mom.

Cuba mock me all you want but look at the timestamp on my post. Just heard on the news he was in fact arrested at Fashion Square today. I told you I saw him and I meant it.

Dave, why did you not call 911?