Richmond Renegades abruptly fold

Less than seven months after the Richmond Braves played their final baseball game at The Diamond before moving to Georgia, the city's other major professional sports franchise has announced they will fold. Hockey's Richmond Renegades announced Thursday, March 26 that they will cease operations, effective immediately. "There isn't a financial stone my business partners and I have left unturned," says team president Alan Harvie in a message on the team's website. "There just simply isn't the money available." The Renegades played their last home game at Richmond Coliseum on Saturday, March 21.


I'm a huge hockey fan and I was only somewhat aware there was even a team in Richmond.. never saw/heard any marketing or promotion from them.

Sad.. hockey rules. :(

I attended as many games as possible this season, and am a die-hard hockey fan. Not having the 'Gades playing next season will make me sad. It has been great to have affordable games to go to locally. The players, and Coach Goudie, are all great guys, and I wish them well in finding a new (better?)hockey town.

I guess Richmond just isn't committed to having professional sports teams. I will have to go back to focusing on the NHL.

well another pro team as slipped thru the cracks,in a major city, oh but keep the ballet and the richmond city orcastra,for the upity,upities, and nascar for dimwitted, nothing fun about watching a bunch of cars, go in a circle, you wanna watch racing, go on midlo trpk in the morning