Teen escapee: Unidentified, even when on the lam

The rest area on I-64 west is where the teen jumped out the window and escaped.

The teen inmate who escaped from custody at the Ivy rest area March 26 was apprehended on his 17th birthday– March 28– at Fashion Square Mall. The youth, who had been on his way to a behavioral treatment center in Missouri when he bolted from the bathroom on I-64, was picked up in the men’s department at Belk.

“He was located while we were investigating a shoplifting report,” says Lieutenant Todd Hopwood with Albemarle police.

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The morning escape caused six Western Albemarle schools to lock their doors, and police never did release the boy's name nor his photograph. The 16-year-old Charlottesville resident with a history of breaking and entering was traveling to a behavioral facility in Nevada, Missouri, in the custody of three employees from Heartland Behavioral Health Center, says Virginia State Police Trooper Jason Day.

"They were trying to get him some help, and this facility had success with other juveniles," says Day, noting that the youth had been incarcerated locally at Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention Center.

"They left Blue Ridge, and the boy started complaining he had to use the restroom," says Day, adding that the vehicle stopped at the rest stop near Crozet. The youth, who was not handcuffed, Day sayS, went inside, kicked out a window, and escaped while his escorts stood outside.

Police got the call at 8:10am, says Day, and decided to search Langford Drive near the Ivy exit off I-64 after a report from another teenager in that area. "A kid who goes to Western Albemarle High School said a black male came up to him and asked to use his cell phone," explains Trooper Day.

The rest stop escapee was described as 16-year-old black male wearing baggy jeans, a brown sweatshirt with yellow writing, a black hoodie, and black dress shoes.

Albemarle County Schools locked the exterior doors of Western Albemarle High, Henley Middle School, as well as Brownsville, Meriwether Lewis, and Murray elementaries. Parents were notified, but no press release to the public was issued, according to School spokesperson Maury Brown.

Despite concerns that escapees can turn dangerous and despite concerns that innocent black teens could be viewed suspiciously, authorities have released neither the juvenile's name nor his photograph.

"As a juvenile, we can't release a mugshot," says Virginia State Police spokesperson Corrine Geller, who remembers one occasion when two juveniles–- one with a history of violence–- overpowered a guard and escaped a facility in Powhatan. Police had to go to the attorney general a get an opinion before releasing his photo.

–updated upon capture
original headline: Teen inmate: Still at large, still unidentified


Fashion Square Mall Security caught him, so I heard.

"There's a huge cultural shift toward downtown, toward smaller, cheaper, better, greener... and that will create a big change."
New housing units in the city may be getting smaller but certainly not cheaper.

"... he says that projects like the Barringer on Monroe Lane near the UVA Hospital, Cream Street 10 just off West Main, and the Randolph on East Market Street are examples of high-end condo projects selling well."

Interesting claim. Let's see some actual sales figures on Cream St.

Honestly, I'd rather pay $400-800K and live further away from the Downtown Mall. It's just not that great a place. The City doesn't have enough day shelters and it's full of bums and others I expect on the streets in a large City during the middle of a weekday. Plus, at the moment, it seems to be entering its own recession with lots of stores closing. Not because of the bricks, but because the country's in a recession.
I also wouldn't want my view to be Garrett Square. And it's not news to anybody that that side of the Downtown Mall has been the scene of assaults in the past two years. Well, not news to anybody here, but maybe news to outside buyers.

There are at least 4 Cream Street 10 units for sale, with days on market now of a couple of years.

What is it with Charlottesville Developers who think that isolating a "luxury" building next door to public housing is a bright idea?

Who are the buyers that thought so too?

The new building isn't going to suddenly clean up the area. And check the property crime stats. They tend to go up when this happens.

Cream Street 10 is like a prison for residents. You don't want to walk out the door at night. Guess that's why there are still units unsold.

BTW, Cream Street 10 is just as much "down town" as Rugby Avenue. What, trying to pull one over on the incoming medical residents?

Three of the Cream Street came back on the market today, April 20 2009

301 for $359K, 1100 sq ft

302 for $400K 1200 sq ft

402 for $600K 1700 sq ft

I'd like to have the dream life of this real estate agent and builder