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Time to fire Frederick and immediately replace the board !

Why on earth would RSWA even contemplate opening a facility to directly compete with a local business who is already successfully doing this, and doing it cheaper than the government would?? The scope of the RSWA should immediately be scaled back and limited to maintenance of the Ivy Landfill, and that is all!!!

The waste chart says it all! They had a monopoly, and now that they don't, they're losing tons (sorry for the pun) of business because they're complacent and obsolete!!! And taxpayers are subsidizing obselescence???? I don't vote or pay taxes in Albemarle or C'ville, but if I did I'd be pretty ticked off about where my money is going!

I am flabergasted. If only a quarter of this article is true it is outrageous. Using Van der Linde's facility would save money, increase the amount of recycled materials, stop burying waste, and make life easier for everybody. The RWSA is opposed because it would put them out of business.

Alvin I disagree with you only because the time is long past that we fire Frederick and replace the board. These are the same folks who brought you the $200 million water supply plan.

There is one reason, and one reason only, not to throw the entire Rivanna Solid Waste Authority board AND their lawyer in a dumpster, and haul them off to Van Der Linde's facility. That is the danger that some of them might get recycled, and then they'd be back. So instead lets truck them to Richmond and bury them in a landfill where they'll fester uselessly and poison the environment for years. Just like they do now.

Well, you gotta give the RWSA/RSWA one thing -- they ARE consistent! It doesn't matter if they are taking buckets of our water money or tons of our waste payments ...

It's kinda nice, though, to have a news story that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on - the dems can be pissed off that the RWSA is crapping on the public, while the Republicans can be outraged that RWSA is manipulating markets and trying to shut down a private businessman who is smarter and better than they are!

It is astounding that the public hasn't yet woken up to RWSA's 'business as usual.' I hope that we will soon reach a tipping point and people will demand change ... maybe this story will help.

Mike Gaffney avoids the fee too. For his building project, he hires the "Efficient" Roll-Off service out of Culpepper. Gaffney's contruction debris have shown up at the Greene county transfer station on a regular basis.

Our family is in sanitation and we have personally witnessed this.

The RSWA Board and their attorney Kurt Kreuger are insane if they think they're not going to end up tarred and feathered over an obviously vindictive lawsuit against a respected local business owner. This is seriously one of the most disturbing bits of area news I've read in quite awhile.

This sort of bullying is typical of what we've come to expect from developers, so Gaffney's part in this isn't too surprising. But O'Connell, Mueller, and Tucker's reputations as public servants are seriously compromised now. Throw the bums out-- the time has come for them to go.

With all the talk about budget and cutting people's jobs, this seems to be an easy, money saving way to cut the budget and help the local economy. This is a witch hunt, targeting one business owner. Shame on them!Mr. van der Linde has made recycling public friendly by making it easy!

From what we see in the HOOK it seems to be "restraint of trade". And Van der Linde's civil rights are being trampled upon.
Why does the RSWA Board of Directors just sit there silently?
Why doesn't Kurt Kreuger publish some public statement justifying this position and the law suit which is financed with public money.
Why are we ignoring the environmental responsibility of this new system?
Why are we using taxpayer dollars to support money loosing governmental endeavors?
Why don't celebrate this entrepreneur who has used capitalism to create a valuable solution to one of our big problems?
If RSWA does not explain in short order then it falls upon the citizen to demand an explanation.
They owe us that much now!

Richard and the rest, I agree completely with you especially with the economy the way it is now. This is not the first time government officials have targeted Mr. van der Linde. Plus, use the money they are paying to sue Mr. van der Linde and put it back into the government and education of our children. Is this what we want to teach our children? That it's great to recycle but only as The Government wants you to do it.

"Why on earth would RSWA even contemplate opening a facility to directly compete with a local business who is already successfully doing this, and doing it cheaper than the government would?? The scope of the RSWA should immediately be scaled back and limited to maintenance of the Ivy Landfill, and that is all!!!" Because they are targeting Mr. van der Linde. Why would a man who has been building in Albemarle County for over 25 years, owns well maintained property in Albemarle, both Residential and Commercial go to Fluvanna County to build a recycling Center? Why didn't he build in Albemarle? My bet is the answer lies with the Albemarle County Governement Officials.

What is going on in the city of Charlottesville? For years we have all wanted to recycle, keep as much trash as possible from going to the land fill and be good citizens. We have been told that this will cost extra!
Now we have a private citizen who has invested in a way to make recycling easy, cost less and not cost the city a dime and the city is suing him. What????

Can this be true?

C'ville spends 7 million to re-brick the mall.

Closes the wadding pool at McIntire park because it would cost 21k.

Sues a Peter Van de Linde because he put up 11 million of his own money to help the area to the right thing and recycle trash.

Next think you know they will be suggesting that the only way to solve the budget problem with trash pickup and disposal is to raise the rates.

I'd like to hear the City and County offer an explanation for this law suit and how it benefits the taxpayers. Please Mayor Norris or Chairman Slutsky give us a reason for suing this man who is trying to save us money ?

Terrific article. Thank you for bringing this to the public's attention. Now it is up to us to contact our elected officials and let our opinions be known.

Hello media people: When will you all interview Fluvanna County residents and publish their thoughts concerning this matter. I am sure you will see it in a totally different, negative light. Just take a look at Route 250 East and see for yourself i.e. trash, noise, road deterioration, etc.... You all act like Van der Linde is god and the king of green! We don't agree!

Troy Residents-- I think that people are wondering why van der Linde built in Fluvanna rather than Albemarle, and wondering whether this would have been blocked by the county due to BOS/RSWA influence.

Re traffic, trash, noise etc, we're all in complete solidarity with you on that. Fluvanna residents need to fight industrial blight as hard as they can because lots of uncaring and unscrupulous developers have their piggy little eyes trained on your county. They see it as easy pickings. And Albemarle and Fluvanna need to develop some serious zoning ordinances to greatly increase buffer zones between this sort of operation and nearby homes.

One thing is clear from this article, the residents have not control over our local authorities. It's time for those boards to be comprised of only elected officials. What a zoo!

BTW, is this the same Kurt that got such a sweet deal for the YMCA from the city?

Vanderlinde is not bringing trash to Fluvanna, it was already going that way to Allied Waste in the same industrial park.

Ideally for Fluvanna, Charlottesville and Albemarle would accept responsibility for their own waste and create an efficient trasfer station in town.

As far as buffer zones, there are no residential homes adjacent to Vanderlinde or Allied waste. If anything, long time locals saw a reduction in traffic in 1969 with I64 taking most of 250 volume away. Hwy 250 is still well below 1968 traffic levels.

The sweet spot for Fluvanna locals who live on Richmond road, property values are rising in a big big way, so if they ever need to sell they or their heirs will be "paid" a lot for tolerating the nuisance.

I've heard that the City recycling is not bring recycled but dumped. If this is true people will be outraged.

V. Profaci: I dont' agree with your statement: "As far as buffer zones, there are no residential homes adjacent to Vanderlinde or Allied waste. If anything, long time locals saw a reduction in traffic in 1969 with I64 taking most of 250 volume away. Hwy 250 is still well below 1968 traffic levels." I agree, initially, the traffic volume decreased with the additional of I-64 but now is a different story. You need to live in the area to know this fact first hand. This just opens the way Van der Linde will be accepting trash not only locally, but from other areas of the state, and outside the state of Virginia. They have a hearing with the Planning Commission on April 22 and Board of Supervisors on May 20 to extend their operating hours, meaning more traffic and more debris which leads us to this article. These trucks constantly travel Route 250, mostly in Fluvanna, coming to and from Charlottesivlle. Dangerous for daily commuters, students, and school buses on this two lane road. Currently, you hear them Monday through Friday beginning at 6:00 in the morning and finally ending at 5:30 p.m. or so. I counted, in one day, at least 80 such trucks traveling from both facilities. I challenge you to travel the Route 250 on Monday through Friday. You will see things differently i.e. trash, noise, road deterioration, etc.... You don't have to live adjacent to the facility to know the negative effects. Those of us who live within a mile or even more away from these facilities it know! Imates picked up 38 orange bags of trash within a mile and a half radius--what does that tell you?! Tires and metal debris included! We were here first don't we deserve consideration and be interviewed from a different perspective?

One more point: see the article on-line on the Newsplex's website. If Van der Linde has his way they will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our property value will be next to nothing and we won't be able to sell if we were forced to. Why should we suffer? Don't we deserve to peacefully enjoy our home? We were here first! Here is the article:


Fluvanna is a big county with a tiny commercial area, and you're in it. Right now, the county has a big wish list like a new high school, etc. It comes down to either get some business in there or tax the bejesus out of the citizens. Pick your poison. Also, consider the developers are not "targeting" you because you are easy picking, but because of practical reasons like close proximity to I64. Trust me your values are not falling...look at all the rezoning...that propety across from the prison is for sale for 2.7 million.

Judges Moon, Whitney, Shedd and Wilkinson determined back in November 7, 2007 that van der Linde Housing’s argument that it was denied protection of the laws in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment was without merit. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

The Federal District Court’s considered opinion held , among other things, that “the Authority’s policy decisions are ‘not subject to courtroom fact-finding and may be based on rational speculation unsupported by evidence or empirical data.’ Neither may a policy’s rationality be judged on the basis of its wisdom, fairness, or logic (or lack thereof).”

In negating van der Linde’s complaint, the Court clarified the parties by definition: “AWS is a supplier of the type of public services that the Authority provides, while Van der Linde is a consumer.”

Since this is no longer the case and van der Linde is now a “supplier of the type of public services that the Authority provides,” the Authority’s multi-million dollar lawsuit vs van der Linde is nothing more than a bare-faced harassment tactic against van der Linde and is doomed to failure. If this ever gets in front of a jury the Authority will surely get clobbered – and sadly, the tax payers will get stuck with the bill for this frivolous lawsuit.

Van der Linde is closer to I-64 at ZIONS CROSSROADS (one mile away from exchange) and NOT Boyds Tavern. Why do they continue to utilize Route 250 from Zions to Albemarle line? You can see road deterioration from weight and flying debris. How about the "soft spoken" Van der Linde's concern for the Fluvanna community? So much for "green." If he was really concerned then he would make it mandatory for his drivers to utilize I-64 at Zions and not Route 250. This would have the least, negative impact on citizens and the community. "Green" doesn't exist for those of us who live in and use Route 250. Van der Linde provides absolutely NO pick up service or community service to residents. He shows absolutely NO concern for those who live in the area. After all he lives in ALBEMARLE County and probably at least 20 miles away from HIS facility!

What in the world are you people thinking?????Has anybody ever counted the amount of orange containers that are on 250 on jobs & in peoples yards????How are you going to keep these trucks off 250 when their jobsites are there??Has anyone bothered to contact Mr.vanderLinde to see if he would send a crew to clean up some of the mess that you are claiming is on 250?? I bet not. It's so easy this day & time to just fire off @ somebody just because you don't like what they do. How about all the people wo's lives are gonna change drastically with the Meadowcreek Parkwy. I know its not trash in their yard but it's still called "GROWTH" & nobody adjusts well to that when it's not to their liking. On another note...how many jobs were created for the people of Fluvanna by opening the Recycle Center????Ask yourselves that question.

I called Fluvanna County and they told me that Mr. van der Linde permanently directed all his traffic off of Route 250 onto Route 64 unless there are jobs on Route 250.

Troy Residents: Please contact van der Linde ASAP and set up a face-to-face meeting to express your concerns directly. Explore ways to try and make this operation as mutually beneficial as possible. You might be surprised at what happens.

Mr van der Linde: It behooves you to recognize that even though the zoning may allow for the use, your operation may have a rather large impact on those around you. As the business grows, so will the negative impacts on residents. Just because something is industrial, there's no reason it can't also be as attractive, green, and low-impact as possible. You just have to be willing to put forth the money and effort to do so. It's worth it to be a good neighbor though, isn't it?

Please don't let this one person speak for ALL Troy residents. I am a Troy Resident and travel 250 everyday to Zion's for work and have no problems with this recycling facility. Other's in my neighborhood are happy to have it now. Pretty soon, Troy residents won't need to go into the traffic congested place called Charlottesville. I'll take the Van Der Linde problem over 30 mins of traffic anyday!


We have a comment about your statements above: It appears you are referring to going onto I-64 at Zions Crossroads. This is not where you will see the conditions as we referrenced earlier. It appears you don't take Route 250 WEST from Fluvanna to Albemarle to Charlottesville like we do. Sounds like to me you use 250 West and take I-64 at Zions Crossroads or you live East of the facility NOT West and go the same way. You don't see or hear what we do which is nothing but negatives! Travel Route 250 West to Charlottesville then take Boyds Tavern exchange to I-64, you will see what we mean! Your opinion of Van der Linde will change. I will take more houses over trash, noise, road deterioration, and safety concerns any day of the week!

To Blue Collar Worker:

We don't see NOT ONE orange container on Route 250 because we live on Route 250, approximately 5 miles West of the facility, in Fluvanna County. We follow these containers coming to and from Charlottesville, utilizing I-64 at Boyds Tavern and Route 250 heading to and from the facility? Apparently you don't live on Route 250 and don't know what you are talking about! You must work for Van der Linde and want to make them look good! They are not!

Here is our response to the comments below by concerned citizen: "I called Fluvanna County and they told me that Mr. van der Linde permanently directed all his traffic off of Route 250 onto Route 64 unless there are jobs on Route 250." Does that mean to I-64 at Zions? That would be great if this were the case. If they are referring to at Boyds Tavern then this is where the problem lies and this is where their travel route is. Well, we will wait until Monday the 13th and we guarentee nothing will change. However, if it does, this may be the case for now, until they are approved, then they will change their story and procedure just like Allied Waste did. I was personally present when the Fluvanna BOS was hearing BFI a/ka/a Allied Waste's proposal to locate here. I addressed the issue of using I-64 at Zions instead of Route 250 West for their travels and the representative said: "We will be using I-64 the majority of the time." I yelled out to him and the BOS "Yeah right." Sure enough they also use I-64 west to Charlottesville for their travels instead of I-64 at Zions. Also, they promised to allow Fluvanna residents to leave their large household items free of charge. My mother tried to leave an old household appliance there and she was told "We only accept items from monthly contractors." So, they promise one thing when they are in the approval process and do the complete opposite once they are approved. Are these the types of businesses that Fluvanna County really wants and needs? Apparently so with the way things are going. I wish Mr. Van der Linde would visit those who live along Route 250 West and speak with them personally because a "respresentative" is always the one at the hearings NOT the actual owner of the business. This in our minds states the lack of concern for the community and also that he doesn't want to talk to citizens that live in the area. If he cared he would make an effort to do so i.e. mail letters to those who live within 6 miles west of the facility who are affected, call them, or better yet attend the meetings instead of a representative. Seeing 38 large orange trash bags from the Albemarle County line, on 250 East, up to Beaverdam Market shows how much positive community service that Allied Waste and Van der Linde provide to this community. They don't even pick up their own debris--inmates do it for them!

One other comment: My family and I have lived along Route 250, WEST of Zions Crossroads, all of our lives and we never saw a single Van der Linde truck, Allied Waste truck, other trash trucks, or debris along the sides of Route 250 until these facilities located here. Doesn't this tell you something?! You will not see any of this if you live EAST of Zions Crossroads or on a secondary road, past the lumber yard.

Blue Collar Worker: FYI, we have contacted Van der Linde and Allied Waste and have spoken with management on numerous occasions. Yes, the trucks would cut back on(not stop)using Route 250 temporarily when the "heat is on" then they resume using it again. There are no jobs along Route 250, Fluvanna County portion, and we see absolutely no orange containers in citizens' yards. We don't have one! Yes, there are a couple of containers but they are not affiliated with Van der Linde (they are a dark color). You must be referring to the Albemarle County portion of Route 250, past the intersection at Boyds Tavern, NOT Fluvanna portion!