Snap o' the day: Knife-wielding chicken seeks revenge

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have some of the more memorable protests around– we still haven't forgotten the naked protester from 2006. On March 30, chicken-suited Kristina Addington takes the knife to Ronald McDonald (Cassandra Callaghan) in front the McDonald's on Ridge-McIntire as part of PETA's McCruelty Campaign to draw attention to mass poultry-slaughtering machines that slit the throats of conscious chickens and if the blades miss, the bird is plunged into scalding water while still alive, says PETA. Afterward, the protesters did not dine on Chicken McNuggets for lunch.


That's hot (they're both women)!

This seems strangely familiar...

That's chicken meat in those nuggets??
definitly could of fooled me!

I think that is really great PR to let little kids see a full size chicken mutilate another fictional character.

If these peta folks really wanted to help they would simply offer to have sex with anyone who promised to give up meat for a month.

I mean, put out or shut up....

I'd like to see the Hamburglar get what's coming to him as well.