LeRoi Moore plays his last on newest DMB album

Late saxophonist LeRoi Moore will get to say goodbye to fans through some of the final recordings he made with his Dave Matthews Band bretheren on the band's forthcoming album Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King. Matthews tells Rolling Stone that several tracks on the new disc feature Moore's playing including a track titled "Lying in the Hands of God," which Matthews describes as "kind of like a duet between us." The album title is partly an homage to Moore as Matthews reveals "Groogrux King" was a nickname of Moore's. The album is due out on June 2.

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This will be difficult to listen to knowing he's gone, but so glad they included these cuts on the album . We'll all miss you LeRoi but your music will live on and so too will you.

The link doesn't work for Brad's first two picks for Sometime Favorites (All Along and What You Wanted).

The first song under Peyton Tochterman is not his (it's a double of the Birdlips linked above). Maybe link Sept. 12, 2001 - that's pretty durn catchy.

Thanks for the great local music, Hook. I'd like to see Peyton open for the Sons of Bill, btw. Kudos to Sam on his new CD (my wife won't give it up).

Dear Black Hole,

Thanks for the kind words and for alerting us to the glitch. Our tech people are on it.

Lindsay Barnes

I'm from NYC and a friend of mine passed along a Hill and Wood song to me. I love these guys! The melodies are great and Sam Bush's voice is really strong.

A downloadable sampler of these would be quite nice. Or am I just missing the big honking button that says "Download here!"? I like the tunes. Nice picks.

Simply right click on each song that has the play symbol/sideways triangle next to it and "save target as" to download the each individual mp3 file.

I agree that Carleigh's something special. Hill and Wood is very cool to my ears, too. I saw Peyton do an all acoustic and solo set at the Palmyra Village Concert Series and was very impressed, having only seen him with High Society before.

I've been enjoying Rick Olivarez and his gypsy jazz trio at Bel Rio on Sunday evenings, starting at 6:30 PM. I have a 7 year old and the early start time is good for us. Rick can really play! I like the atmosphere and the quail is excellent (and not too pricey)

Thanks for fixing those links so quickly.


All good picks, Quentin is ready to go nationwide, but everyone forgot to mention, Todd Binder. After taking some "me-time", some of the former members of Elephant Minor, my favorite band, are rumored to be jamming again. I don't know if they have a name yet. I like TB&A, Todd Binder & Associates, or, TBS, Todd Binder's Squad. Whatever the name, if you can catch a show, you'll want a cd, if you get a cd, you'll want them to play at you're wedding. If you give your brother a cd, you might find it in his cd player 4 years later. True story :-)

Another band to watch out for is Raw Dawg. They have a very nice, raw blues-rock sound, and a whole bunch of catchy original songs. They are opening Fridays After 5 on May 22 as well as playing a show the same night at IS (the old Starr Hill). They will also be playing Floydfest and Camp Barefoot this summer! Listen to some of their music at www.myspace.com/rawdogmusic

Also check out another one of my favorites: Kings of Belmont(www.myspace.com/thekingsofbelmont)

do brad savage and mike friend go to the same barber or is that just some secret hairdo that radio guys use to identify one another out in public?

Q*Black over The Blackout Project?

Q* Is good, but he's seriously elementary when compared to the skills of K-Nice of The Blackout Project. I am POSITIVE there isn't a band that could stand toe-to-toe with the musical ability of that crew. Granville Mullings went to Berkeley! Andy Waldeck is the only other Charlottesville musician that i know with a Berkeley Grad. Yeah, The Blackout Project is a hip hop crew, but could Q* Black really arrange a whole set or the UVA Jazz Ensemeble? No, he couldn't. Nor could 99% of bands on this list.

The Next band that everyone refuses to admit exists is The Blackout Project.

Sam Bush is legit. I am a big music enthusiast and I came across this band and decided I liked them so much I traveled down to c-ville to see them at the Garage. The Hill and Wood had an unbelieveable stage presence and the lyrics blew me away. These stars are so young and they already have powerful lyrics that only add on to the great muscianship of the band and Sam Bush.

Sam Bush and Carl Anderson are both attractive people.

Based on the Hook spin I decided to catch the Chick Tragic & the Roosters show at Is on Friday. Carl Anderson and Carleigh Nesbit did some tight harmonies on some great original stuff. But, the over the top energy from Shankar Srinivasan on fiddle, Jeff Smith on bass and Brenning Greenfield got people rocking on the floor. Much bigger sound and upbeat vibe than the links.

I'm really enjoying the Honey Dewdrops, and I hadn't heard Nathan Moore or Birdlips before, very cool, thanks for the turn on. I wish you had more of Peyton's songs linked so people could check him out. And more of Hill and Wood as it becomes available.

This would be a nice semi-regular feature.

I think Carl Anderson and Carleigh Nesbit are opening for the Infamous Stringdusters at Bel Rio tomorrow(?)

yes, Carl Anderson and Carleigh Nesbit will indeed be opening the Stringduster's show....that should be a good match, actually!

I saw Chick Tragic and The Roosters and they kicked my bum! They're doin' some impressive proffesional stuff, way ahead of their age. Can't wait until they record some of that

Props for having this article. I have to say though... when Savage describes the Hill and Wood as "A very Charlottesville-appropriate band with their jam style," I am reminded why sometimes this scene can feel a bit bland. Not anything against the band, as Bush is obviously talented - but not everyone wishes that jam bands were dubbed as "Charlottesville-appropriate." Some of the city's diverse bands, whose unique talent and originality bring something different to the table, were definitely missed in this article. However, it was good to see some awesome musicians in here! Thanks.

I, too, was surprised to hear that jam bands are "Charlottesville-appropriate" as, to my knowledge, most of this town's music hardly fits that genre (with the exception of Dave Matthews). But I was even more surprised to hear that The Hill and Wood was dubbed as a "jam band." In the several times I've seen them play, they have never played a song with an extended riff or anything over 5 minutes for that matter. I'm not sure what they would classify themselves as but I would say that they play rock 'n roll.

Check out some of the hottest tracks from Terry Martin's proclaimed "hottest thing in Charlottesville," recorded right here at the Monkey of Claus!!


The Hill & Wood and Chick Tragic and the Roosters are playing at Is Venue on July 2nd. Five bucks for all the poultry and corpse tissue you can eat.

The Hill and Wood is going to be huge. They're great guys with great skills. I can't wait for some recorded material.

Its good to see some bands on these lists in genres other then folk, pop and indie.
I really like what the In Technicolor boys have been doing. Great retro-bubblegum music, catchy melodies and a frontman who thinks he is a superstar. They really have the full package.

The other band that caught my eye was Red Satellites. They have a sound I hadn't heard in this State, let alone town for as far back as I can remember. Like Brad said they have a very Bowie/Roxy Music/Suede kinda thing going. Add this to the fact that they are 18-22 in age and in a couple years they just might be Cvilles next big export.

Thanx for the cool words man, sorry it took me so long to respond, been super busy, but def appreciate the thought...

p.s. "really" i hope that was a joke, I like the blackout project and hope to do more shows with them in the future, but comments like that is just bad for business

I am so dissapointed that there are always the krappy alt. country bands that get all the hype, then just dissapear. Probably cause it's all the same bull we've been listening to forever in this town. next issue better have some worthwhile, fun, energetic, rockin' new bands instead of another singersongwriter with background fiddle.