BOS votes to add elected officals to water and waste boards

The Albemarle County Supervisors have joined their city counterparts and unanimously approved adding one member of each governing body to the boards of the Rivanna Water and Waste Authorities. The resolution, says Mayor Dave Norris, could help solve problems like the one outlined in this week's cover story, in which it is revealed that the RSWA is suing a private citizen for $3.5 million, something Norris, and other leaders, were unaware of. "Most  of us feel the Authority has been well-run," said BOS chairman Ken Boyd after the April 1 vote. "But the city felt strongly about it, so we went along with it to be a good neighbor." Boyd says Supervisors were also responding to the public, many of whom have been upset over the Authority's so-called 50-year water plan. "We're an elected body," said Boyd, "so we do listen to the public."


It's one too many. According to Jeff Werner of PEC, who has gotten some results from the formula, you put the elected official in a room with a "representative" from DEQ (who will actually be a shill) show up with good questions and as many witnesses as you can to watch the shill pretend he isn't one. Take your video camera and tape the fun. There is aready some interesting footage available through PEC.

Skyking your post is interesting could you explain in more detail and provide a link to some of the video from PEC

Watching the Rivanna Board's behavior with the water plan and now this trash mess don't think 2 elected officials is enough. Time for the public to demand an entirely new board and a new director !

Any lawyers out there? Is there a way to dissolve the RWSA and RSWA. The board is totally incompetent and is wasting millions of dollars we need to act now !

This board doesn't like my computer well enough to send links. Call PEC and they'll put you through to Jeff, who will send you some hilarious (and telling) footage of his encounters with RWSA. He also can and will send you as much information about the history, engineering and political players concerning hydrology and solid waste in Va. as you can stand.
I've got some dealing to be done with the miscreants here in Fluvanna who want to run an insane (and Tenaska driven) pipeline from the James river to Zions Crossroads. I highly recommend his advice.
Tell him John sent you. :)