Russians discover switched babies and send 'em back

In a case recalling an episode that rocked UVA Hospital in 1998, Russian authorities recently discovered that two babies were switched at birth–- so they returned the two-year-olds to their birth mothers. As the Roanoke Times reported last year in a 10-year-anniversary article, the Central Virginia case was decidedly more complicated.


As a mother I can't begin to imagine what this would feel like, after bonding to what one thought was ones own child. Must be like a death in the family.

very true. But if one was put in that situation, it would be wise to recover as quickly as possible. I mean yeah I would be hurt that I lost 2 years, some would say the most important ones, because of a mistake at the hospital but I think any loving parent would put their hurt aside in order to comfort the children and make sure the transition is as easy and loving as possible.

A lot of good can and most likely will come out of this situation for these families. As an optimist I like to assume that love would conquer their pain, however much time it will take. And the true reason for this terrible occurance may come to light in that two families that might of otherwise hated each other can share in a connection only a handful of humans have ever experienced.

and think about this, they don't need to worry about the global economy anymore! CHA ching ; )

Mike you're right and certainly the best course would be to adjust and provide one's new child with a stable home. There is a catch though, I have observed that often in emotionally difficult situations parents will bury their true feelings and put on a happy face --often I have seen this backfire. In this situation with the inevitable feelings of loss, anger, and grief I believe any well-adjusted person would be overwhelmed and need professional help for a period of time to adjust and to provide the best situation possible for the family. I wonder if such services are readily available in Russia. I would think that an American court would provide this as part of the course of action.

Being a father, I still couldn't imagine the heartbreak and anger one would feel after having THEIR CHILD SWITCHED AT THE HOSPITAL??!!

Being in that situation, I think would look on the brightside after a couple days of recovery from the shock. I mean this could be looked as an opportunity to get connected to strangers who where obviously dealt the same hand and provide the comfort of a warm relationship. also the millions upon millions of dollars you would win from the hospital would provide some level of comfort and closure.

hey i'm an optimist, what can I say ; )

Mike, I'm an optimist too but I think it's a bit more complicated than a few days of recovery

I discovered at age 57 through DNA that I was switched at birth. In fact I wrote a book that was released in August of 2008 about my life story. As much as I loved the family I grew up with I think they are making the right decision by ordering the babies back to there biological mothers.For numerous reason which is in my book.

Author of Switched At Birth-My Life In Someone Else's World
Frederick J. George

Love the dialogue. You got the kid spot on. The story is unexpected and fresh. The point clear. A little patience and understanding is the way better than cops. The spray bottle was the perfect weapon.