Vick to trade football helmet for hard hat?

On Tuesday, April 2, former Virginia Tech football star and NFL quarterback Michael Vick appeared in U.S. bankruptcy court in Newport News, where his attorney stated that Vick had lined up a job working construction once he is set to be released from federal custody on July 20. According to the Associated Press, Vick will be working full-time in his new line of work. The former Atlanta Falcon is serving a 23-month sentence for having funded and helping to operate a dogfighting ring out of a house he owned in Surry County.
–file photo by Will Walker


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For what it's worth, construction can be a lot riskier than sports entertainment.

hmmm, I wonder if his construction name will be Ron Mexico!

in case anyone has forgotten about Ron Mexico

Look he is only doing this, so when he gets out he can say to the NFL I have served my time, I now work at regular job, and I should be allowed back into the NFL. If the NFL lets him back everyone should protest and not watch. Really congress has been giving the baseball players a hard time for steroids, but now are we saying we condone dog fighting and the drugs that go with it, and that is ok but steroids are bad. There are plenty college age kids the NFL can choose from without putting him in a uniform.

that is my opinion

the man has herpes and was publicly humiliated for it. i think he's suffered enough.

I'm not a fan of Michael Vick mainly cause he's from Tech, but i believe the man deserves another chance in the NFL. Athletes in the NFL have done worse and don't draw nearly the amount of public outcry and dissaproval as Michael Vick has experienced.

Yeah so he had dogfights. How different is that brutality towards animals then that of most slaughter houses? Race horses in my mind got it pretty bad too.I'm sure you've stepped on a bug before right? Some would see no difference in having let's say praying mantis fights and having dog fights.

He also served his time. He was making the same amount of money as the children that make a lot of the goods imported from China that you and I enjoy.

basically what i'm saying is, what makes us Judges over Michael Vick's life?

What Vick did was (to me, and to others, but not to all) heinous, reprehensible, and inhuman. It was also illegal. He was prosecuted, and he's almost done serving his time. He'll soon be free, and the marketplace will decide how his career goes from here.

Giving him a job or allowing him to play in the NFL doesn't mean anybody condones dog fighting. Where do you get that from? Does that mean that if somebody does a few weekends for DUI and somebody hires him it's because the boss approves of drunk driving? If a murderer does 25 years and gets out, should he or she not be allowed to work - and if I give him or her a job does that mean I condone murder?

Quite a leap of logic there, don't you think?

Yeah we should let "dogfighters" and "steroid" users in the NFL so our kids can have really good role models. And really why not add a few rapist to the mix as well, just as long they serve time and are paroled.