Council votes reprieve for wading pool

NBC29 has the story on the outcome of the controversy City Council created by claiming something was doomed before getting the public's input.

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Buffalo Girl, city council as a whole had nothing to do with dooming the pool. It seems as if the decision was made by an Adam Henry Doolittle in the Parks and Recreation Department. And this Doolittle then convinced one member of city council to subscribe to his program.

And when will Council make sure they don't just make decisions after hearing from their most vocal citizens? Two points: 1) This much-beloved pool is accessible only by vehicles, so that certainly does restrict the area residents who have fond memories of this place, eh? That does not even account for the fact that for the first 25+ years of its existence only whites could have used this pool; 2) Did City Council register the same level of concern when the very same type of wading pool was taken out of service as a part of the Forest Hills Park master plan? That pool had the same sort of multi-generational fan base who could walk or take a bus to their pool, who depended on the pool for summer recreation, and who were disheartened to learn that their pool would be replaced by a sprayground. Maybe somebody can explain to me why we need to spend tax money on "dialogues on race" when we continue have a very narrow view of what it means to "seek public input."

Qingyi Pu,

I'm afraid you don't seem to be making much sense with your argument if that's what it is. Are you suggesting that former restrictions on who might use the pool should have something to do with whether it's destroyed today? If that's a factor, shouldn't we consider tearing down most of UVA?

Did as many people complain about the Forest Hills pool? I've never heard about it. Do you think that might have had something to do with what council decided?

Finally, what on earth do ââ?¬Å?dialogues on race” have to do with this issue in any way?

connie, You get the prize! Qingyi Pu is way out of touch!

Strike four for staff ! When will Council learn to seek public input first and not continually be put in this position again and again