Snap o' the Day: Rugby Road morning

We realize that this photo, shot Tuesday morning from a car (well, a Jeep actually), is nothing too special. But we just got tired of seeing that knife-wielding PETA chicken as our "Snap o' the Day."


That's vehicle in the image isn't a Jeep, it's a Ford Explorer. I can't see the license plate number, but it looks like my daughter! If it is, God help all the pedestrians in or near that intersection! :)

dang it! Another typo! I meant "the vehicle in the image"

If you take the time to look carefully at this picture it is anything but ordinary. The red of the scooter, stoplight,and jacket of the girl waiting at the corner to cross all create an internal movement of the eye around the picture. The movement created by red objects is juxtaposed by the actual movement of the girl rushing to cross and the scooter turning the corner. These moving objects create a tension with the still objects waiting to spring into action --the truck and group on the corner. The silver grey sky, slate colored pavement and dark trees create their own melancholy atmosphere. A beautiful picture in it's coloring, atmosphere, and tension of movement against stillness.

And if you want to see a moving picture --look at that jeep