Play in Neverland

The Black Box Players present the Broadway musical Peter Pan at Burnley Moran School Auditorium. The show, which boasts a talented cast of over 50 children, teens and adults from the community, features all your favorite music and characters. Tickets available at Teacher's Edition on Commonwealth Drive or at the door one-half hour before each show. For further info or to inquire about group rates and backstage tours, please call the theatre at 970-7600, 825-9202, or check out our website.


From the Article: "“What we need to do is figure out how to right our ordinance in such a way that it allows drumming,” said Councilor David Brown at the meeting. “The drumming is a good thing for [Charlottesville].”"

And there we have it folks.

The BMR (Board of Musical Review) is born.

Some music IS better for you than others and they will make sure you hear it.

Bureaucratic micro meddling wrapped in a warm blanket of cultural guilt is the foundation of this little hamlet damnit.

i think Asheville had this issue; so they went to a sunday evening drumming ordinance. you can drum away sunday from 6-10p all you want, rest of the week its a no go.

i find the drumming relentless, its a distraction. Perhaps you can get rid of them with the loitering laws as 20 of them at once gets to be too much.

is this is one of the final nails in the coffin of Charlottesville's community? a drum curfew or ban on the down town mall? performance is ok but those 'just hanging out' need to leave? the down town mall is bricked over. it is designed for us ALL to converge as a community and yes, hang out. not have anything to do but meet, converse and make sounds. it is a place to share music, not only "perform" for entertainment of those walking from service to business. the 'loiterers' were here making this a common space and worth visiting before the air brushed folks sampled in this interview were renting their 'public space' with five dollar coffees and over priced boutiques. i come home to find a proliferation of 'no loitering' signs down town, which are only another nail to frame this talk of infringing on creativity and community through drumming. maybe i am witnessing just the bench mark of successful gentrification. this is common space for all people to sit, yes sit and talk, dance, debate and play music as long as they want to. don't want to indiscriminately share space with your city's neighbors? go watch the the E! channel in the tranquil morbidity of your own living room, leave our music and common space alone
thank you.

i would love to walk on the mall and hear someone with talent sing and play a quitar. 20 guys stoned banging on drums for 4 hours is not talent