Archaeology Expedition

Archaeology at Montpelier.
Photo courtesy of The Montpelier Foundation

Archaeologist wannabes can help out at an actual excavation at the home of President James Madison, Montpelier. Work with trained professional archaeologists as you trowel Montpelier's historic soils to unearth evidence of stables and slave quarters to the south of the mansion. Call ahead for reservations. 11407 Constitution Highway in Montpelier Station. 540-672-2728, ext. 160.

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This house has "gained" $3,000 a month in value over the past five years? Only in Cville!

Wait--not EVEN in Cville any more. Didn't anybody read the recent real estate update? Local sales slower than ever.

BTW, the City assessor didn't "price" this place--he's not an appraiser. He based the value of the home on recent sales in the neighborhood. Last year's sales.