Local Dems: Deeds gets most but not all

City Councilor David Brown, Delegate David Toscano and Albemarle Supervisor Ann Mallek show their support of State Senator Creigh Deeds, second from right.

That Charlottesville and Albemarle's long-time state senator could line up 10 locally elected Democrats in front of City Hall to endorse his run for governor is not a big surprise. What's more interesting: who didn't give the nod to State Senator Creigh Deeds.

At a press conference April 10, Deeds claimed all five Democratic City Councilors, five former mayors, and four Albemarle Board of Supervisors, including Vice-Chair Ann Mallek.

Not in attendance was Chairman David Slutzky, who did not return a call from the Hook. Former U.S. Representative L.F. Payne has endorsed former delegate Brian Moran, and the 5th District Democratic chairman, Fred Hudson, has signed on with the Terry McAuliffe camp.

Deeds is in what he calls a "David and Goliath struggle," a three-way race for the Democratic nomination against nationally connected McAuliffe and Northern Virginian Moran. The three face off in the June 9 primary, the first seriously contested Dem primary for governor since 1977, and the winner goes on in November to challenge Republican former attorney general Bob McDonnell, who narrowly defeated Deeds for AG in 2005.


Deeds is the most electable and has the energy and support of the rural areas which the democratic candidate will need to win. The Northern part of the state is already locked up for the democrats so its the SW they need to worry about where Deeds could do well.

I wouldn't read too much into Slutzky attending a fundraiser

Slutzky at least should have returned the call to the Hook. Not doing so was rude in my book. I know folks who have e-mailed Slutzky, and they tell me he won't answer if the topic goes against his grain.
Public officials should set a better example in this regard.
Slutzky has shown a tendency to snap his tongue inappropriately. Remember what he said concerning Rob Bell? Are we sure he was invited to this gathering? Maybe someone was concerned the mouth would flap again.

The Hook should have reported that David Slutzky has already endorsed Deeds. I remember seeing Mr. Slutzky at a Deeds fundraiser back in November. I wouldn't read too much into Mr. Slutzky not showing at the press conference.

Maybe the Dems are worried about a "Macaca Moment"