New hotline for reporting water pollution

Citizens who see something suspicious in creeks and rivers have a new way to discharge their concerns. They can visit a new website,, or dial 434-975-0224, the new hotline created by a consortium of local governments.


Great to know was wondering who I should contact about the metal road sign thrown into Moore's Creek below the bridge at Sunset Ave.

A while back, I found a pile of trash that had been dumped the night before. It had documents that would have positively identified the person who dumped them. I called the Charlottesville police and an officer came out, picked up what was lying there and left.

I called to follow up and learned that nothing would happen at all because the officer claimed that the documents were illegible and he had thrown them away. There were in fact quite readable, which I knew because I had read them. I didn't want to touch anything at all, since it was evidence and that seemed inappropriate, but what I could see was clearly readable and would have positively identified a specific person. The officer had mentioned on his arrival that he would be retiring shortly. He didn't want to bother with going to court, so he dumped the evidence. I called his superiors to protest and got the brush off.

By all means call if you want to report something, but you are in dream land if you expect something to come of it in Charlottesville. Environmentalism is saved for slogans and PR here, not actual policy.

and call the mayor and city councilors to complain or the supervisors if you're in the county

unlikely, I see what you mean and I can relate, as I have also called to report illegal dumping where nothing was done.
I guess we have learned a valuable lesson. Document and photograph the evidence ourselves BEFORE calling the authorities.

Just wondering? Do the local governments have a problem with residents throwing small deposits of yard clippings or clods of weeds,dirt directly into the city/county streets, as they manicure their own yards? Don't these particles clog the storm drains?
The cigarette butts left in the streets are an embarrassment. I think this organization should become serious about educating the public in this area. I count 10 new cigarette butts a day deposited along my property line. PIGS PIGS PIGS I must wonder of the quality of parenting the slobs had! And what about enforcement for littering? It is obvious who the offenders are as one looks to the messes deposited directly in front of certain homes.

Yep, some residents cast yard trash over the curb and into the streets on a regular basis. No one in charge challenges the inappropriate behavior. Parents are setting a very poor example of citizenship for their children.