Who'll renew the Dew?

"Everybody is upset that it's gone," says Scottsville resident Rhonda Snow. "It's sad to people...when the Dew Drop Inn went away, Scottsville died."

Snow, who has lived in Scottsville for the last 22 years, says that many folks in town are upset that the Dew Drop, made famous by The Walton's TV show, has never been revived. Indeed, Dish has always wondered why someone hasn't re-opened the Dew Drop Inn, given the name recognition. Instead, the owners of the building (who own other spaces on the main drag as well) have tried to open new places, including 330 Valley, which sports the old Dew Drop Inn sign on its wall.

A Scottsville fixture for more than 60 years, and a regularly mentioned locale on the 1970's television show The Waltons (Jason had his first job playing piano at the Dew Drop), the Dew Drop went up for sale in 2005 but finally closed for good in August 2007. According to one previous owner, tourists visited the old bar from as far away as Europe, where– as they do here on the Hallmark Channel– episodes of The Waltons still air.

"It would bring the town back to life," says Snow, who used to work at the old Dew Drop and now works at Donna's Place. "There's still stuff in that building that was there when the Walton's went there."

Right now the old Dew Drop Inn building is for sale for just $195,000. Any takers?


Sadly, there is nothing in the building that even hints that it once was the Dew Drop Inn or for that matter a restaurant. It is completely gutted exposing the brick walls and wooden beams - no kitchen, no nothing.

Is this the same Dew Drop Inn in Kentucky where the Lindsey Quartet used to play?