Virginians among least extroverted, least agreeable in U.S.

Virginians need to get out more often and be a little nicer– or at least that's what a new psychological study [pdf] indicates. According to scientists from the University of Texas at Austin and Britain's University of Cambridge, Virginia is the 45th-most introverted state, as well as being the 44th-most agreeable, according to their study of 500,000 Americans and their exhibition of the "Big Five" personality traits: extroversion, conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The study finds North Dakotans are both the most extroverted, and most agreeable Americans.
–photo courtesy Sergei Yahchybekov/Flickr


Dear readers,

I certainly don't mean to say introverts aren't agreeable. It just so happens that in this study Virginia ranked low in both categories.

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Lindsay Barnes

You tend to find a lot of agreeable extroverts in Georgetown, DC. Especially, on Friday and Saturday nights. I seriously doubt these folks from Texas and the UK went into NE and SE areas to do their survey.

Sorry for being disagreeable, but shouldn't it be 45th most extroverted and 44th most agreeable?

This is very true. They never agree with anything!

How are introversion and niceness related? Do you have to be outgoing to be a nice person?

And it took scientists from the University of Texas at Austin and Britain’s University of Cambridge to figure this out?

On another note, they must not have much to do. :)

It's Northern Virginia fault. We have a disproportional number of federal government workers and we all know how open and friendly DC is.

With federal workers sitting in secure jobs with benefits --we may find that Virginia rates higher on agreeableness next year

As an introvert, I tend to get along better with extroverts but also find them exhausting after awhile. Both personality traits have positive and negative aspects. Introverts are not the unfriendly hermits some believe them to be.

And Charlottesville is the most obnoxious in Virginia.

This is not news. I figured this out not long after moving here from California 5 years ago. I have had a helluva time making friends. I've never felt more judged in my life. Cville is the friendliest town in VA, though. If I hadn't moved here from Arlington, I'd have hung myself. I'll be outta here soon!

Yes! A study that may drive people out of the state for a change!

What idiot needs a review of a restaurant he already believes to be superb? It's the untested ones that sensible people considering spending their hard-earned cash have questions about.

I have to agree with Rey Barry. That's why I stopped reading restaurant reviews a while back. It seems the food was always exagerrated. I believe the writers are often friends of the owners and want to help them.

Cville Eye agrees with Rey Barry. Let's pause for a moment and contemplate the rich irony of that.