Snap o' the day: the DMB Armada

snap-dmbusFive mammoth tour buses  were parked in the Omni Hotel lot downtown Friday morning in preparation for the April 17 and 18 Dave Matthews Band shows at JPJ. The tricked out buses– at least one manufactured by Volvo-owned Prevost, headquartered in Quebec– can run upwards of $1 million, according to Prevost spokesperson Anne-V©ronique Viel. Each band member reportedly has his own, with others available to carry the crew from show to show. Let's just hope there are no tourist boats passing underneath any of these vehicles.

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Energy efficient in that they get 6 MPG on the highway if you drive them like an old lady.

Thats about 1.2 miles per gallon to move all 5 of them.

They should park in SmellMont so they could discharge the bathrooms and not have any effect on the neighborhood.

Smellmont....Right in the Fart of Charlottesville.

There were about 15 of them parked at The Omni last night.

It's a Charlottesville tradition.

They should amend the zoning ordinace to mandate sewer odors in Belmont.

Ahhhhh, the good old days, livla compost. No more burning fuel to truck our poop to distant impoverished communities!

Are they energy efficient? Not a cool image for DMB if they're not.

Dave, it almost sounds like you take some glee in the fact that Belmont smells. Why?

Maybe Dave should take a page from Dan Deacon touring the country with his band in his veggie powered van