UVA screens documentary STEAL A PENCIL FOR ME

The University of Virginia Jewish Studies Program presents the documentary Steal a Pencil for Me, which uses archival footage and intimate interviews to tell the story of three Holocaust survivors. A Q&A session with director Michele Ohayon follows the screening. Newcomb Hall Theater. For more information contact, Jasmine Hunter at jdh7m@virginia.edu.


Reefer Madness.

Catholic High School Girls in Trouble

I thought they said "documentary," Bev.

Al Gore's
Count the idiots inside my head, 19, 20, 21....

It's a tie between the Alex Jones Documentaries "Fall Of The Republic", "The Obama Deception", and "Endgame". Watch all of these hard-hitting exposes of the New World Order and others for free on youtube.com. I think you will find them both entertaining and informative!

From the Earth to the Moon by Ron Howard. I will always be facinated by man's greatest technological achievement.
It was probably the last time everyone aware of it at least agreed that it was a great adventure.
We need to direct our efforts now toward funding quality education for all children just to see if we can get together and do something incredible once again.

Woops! I forgot to include "In the Shadow of the Moon" This was the in theatre documentary that followed "From the Earth to the Moon". That was on the history channel.

Girls Gone Wild and Bang Bus