Six-year-old hit by van

A six-year-old boy was struck by the van Saturday near the intersection of Pen Park Drive and Fox Crossing, according to a release from the Emergency Communications Center. The Newsplex reports that the boy is expected to make a full recovery.

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Some might yawn at another pedestrian hit story, but in the frantic life style we’re all leading, distracted while walking - texting, listening to iPods, and talking on cell phones - it’s amazing more pedestrians aren't run over!!!

Looks like all the reporting the Hook has done on pedestrian accidents is having an effect

City Police Increasing Citations In Driving Campaign

City Police have added more citations in their campaign against drivers who violate pedestrian safety laws. During the first few months of 2008, police charged seven drivers with various offenses that endangered walkers. Within the last couple of weeks, that number increased to 20 so far this year. Now, the number of tickets against drivers who did not yield to pedestrians has jumped to 43. The crackdown follows a recommendation to City Council from the Pedestrian Safety Committee. City Police are urging drivers to become reacquainted with the rules of the road when it comes to crosswalk and pedestrian safety.

Some might yawn at another pedestrian hit story, but in the frantic life style we're all leading --distracted while driving and eating, texting, and talking on cell phones it's amazing we aren't running over more people

Dr. Hong was my doctor and Dr. Zitnay was my friend Richards doctor. They always saw us on short notice and were always thorough and helpful in every way. Their staff was wonderful and Maggie Moo was always wagging her tail. I wish them the best