Snap o' the Day: Beer bong at DMB

news-dmbconcertA Dave Matthews Band fan in the John Paul Jones Arena parking lot speedily downs a pre-concert beverage Saturday, courtesy of a beer bong.

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Mom would be proud! I'm sure the guy wished you got his face. What a hero!

um, jennyo, that's in the parking lot. dakota, get a grip. deep breaths.

Kudos on encouraging the binge drinking.
Truly an example for us all to follow...

UVA is making a big mistake with how they are handling alcohol sales at JPJ. It's one thing to sell alcohol in a confined area but to allow patrons to take aluminum bottles back to their seats is asking for trouble. Evidently, whoever made this decision has never been to an event where these bottles were used to express patrons unhappiness with an event.

Sure, punish everyone for the stupid behavior of a few.

Where are the vodka shots?

So there are beer sales at JPJ Arena then? Ill be there for Phish this weekend. At alot of universities arenas & pavillions & whatnot, there are usually no alcohol sales (ie. UIC Pavillion).

I tell ya , somebody remind my of the PRESTIGE UVA used to hold .

Hello MOM , all is well , I can hit the beer bong on on campus and be a hero in the local rag , if you wish you can grab a beautiful young woman right off the street and have your way with her . It's not like UVA can make that go away FAST . We got the fox guarding the henhouse . All is good in the EMPIRE !

good times !