Unveiled: New bosses revealed for Gravity space

news-gemsmcravenUnder new management: Andy Gems and Lauren McRaven take over the space formerly known as Gravity Lounge.

The popular Gravity Lounge is gone, but the acoustic/indie-friendly space remains and will continue as a musical venue under the management of a duo who met working at Gravity last year. When they heard the space might be available, Andy Gems and Lauren McRaven jumped on it.

Gems also has worked at another defunct music venue, the Satellite Ballrooom, and McRaven is the proprietress of downtown creperie The Flat who last year planned a menu for Gravity.

"It just didn't work out," says McRaven, declining to reveal what cuisine will be offered at the space that was long run by Bill Baldwin. "It's what can be done in a minimal kitchen."

The new establishment will not be called Gravity Lounge. "That belongs to Bill," explains Gems, and the partners say they are still working on a new name.

The other biggest difference: "Having a cafe and bar that's open regular hours regardless of what's going on in the venue," says Gems. The space is actually two separate buildings and addresses. "We plan to use that more," explains Gems. "We'll close the space off so we can have a bar scene going on."

While Gravity has always seemed like a spacious venue, its nooks and crannies held an abundance of odds and ends that were left when landlord Ludwig Kuttner changed the locks following two years of alleged nonpayment of rent capped by fire marshal safety violations.

Boxes now cram the space waiting for dispersal. Gems predicts a late June, early July opening.

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The Flat has been a great addition to town. I appreciate the creativity and quality that goes into their crepes. If you want a crepe in 3 minutes go to McDonalds.

I hope this pairing is able to bring creative and delicious food, good music, a fun atmosphere, and wild nights back to 1st street.

What exactly is a "classy sports bar?" That seems about as impossible as a classy tractor pull. I guess you're hoping for Irish food too? That's another oxymoron.

How about a classy whorehouse?!?! Now,that is something I could get behind (yes, pun intended!) having downtown!

My hunch is that the new Gravity (whatever it's called) will keep the music venue and continue to get good bands (local, regional, national) and install taps and a good bar. My bet is they'll separate the music part from bar part, but also opening the space up a bit. I don't see why they can't do a decent business!
But new gravity = bar + music venue

That guy looks like the guy in "sideways" and the flat's food is a poor excuse for crepes. I hope this doesn't turn into another loud bar where the musicians aren't heard.

Excellent! I just hope they have good taste in music and bring in some nice national acts.
My opinion: cutting edge indie rock/folk = good. Nostalgia acts/local acts of questionable talent = bad.

I'm looking forward to this, but I sure hope the slow semi-incompetent service that you have to put up with to get a crepe at the Flat doesn't move to the new space. That will be the kiss of death for sure. It's kind of cute and "indie" in the small space, but just isn't going to fly at a bigger venue. The crepe are great though. Hope to see the menu expanded.

I have always thought that if the music is good and the beer is cold that the rest of it will work itself out. I can remember going to place like this that sold passable food and they did fine. If the food is just OK I will be happy, if not I just eat before I go to the show.

Good Luck and let me know when it's open

I guess you guys have forgotten that there was just a failed business in that very same spot. They had cold beer and music that quite a number of people seemed to think was good. Seems it isn't enough to just let the rest work itself out.

I'm not so sure about the sports bar thing, but ndt brings up an important point. I used to live in one of the apartments upstairs, and the construction of the building is such that sound travels incredibly well -- so much so, in fact, that the property manager warned me about it during my very first tour of the place, long before I moved in. Occasionally, the sound of people talking at moderate volume in an apartment across the hall would be loud enough to wake me up in the morning even after bouncing through the vents.

I remember hearing a long time ago that a couple residents had complained about noise from some of the louder Gravity shows. I never noticed it myself, but that may just be because so many of the shows were acoustic and I lived on the third floor. If the new management is envisioning a louder and later scene for the new version of the space, this might prove to be one of their biggest challenges.

please, please, please... make this into a classy sports bar. Put 30 flat screens in, expand the bar, make it dark, full of oak, and irish. You cant play music loudly in this room after midnight anyway, so a true music venue for "relevant acts" wont work. This was an acoustic venue at best.
Close the main doors and expand your kitchen and bar. Hang an old irish pub sign under the side door and make that your entrance. There are no good sports bars downtown. None.

Why don't they just brew some of their own beer.
any thoughts??

Probably no room to.

I've never had a crepe other then from The Flat so I don't know what you mean but I think they're pretty damn good. is there anywhere else in C-ville that offers crepes?
Also have you had the hot & sour soup from Marco and Luca's? Out of all the places in town they have the best one IMHO.

This has disaster written all over it.

You can't get a good crepe in this country. Jump on a plane to Paris.

Who cares about the food??? Just bring in relevant acts and serve cold beer, preferably from a tap.