New planning district head named

news-williamsSteve Williams will man the helm of the five-county Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. He brings 25 years of experience from California, Iowa and most recently, New Hampshire, and is undeterred by Virginia's miserly reputation for transportation funding. "There are 50 states with reputations of not funding transportation," he says. Unlike his predecessor, Harrison Rue, Williams promises not to break in song about traffic. But if he buys into public transit-bereft Crozet, Williams will be commuting by car.

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Heard he just completed a project like Meadowcreek Parkway that had been stalled for years and that Sally Thomas was on the committee that picked him. City residents watch out. Looks like the county's got this guy in their pocket.

"Biggest theme disappearance: The 23rd festival ditches the cute theme format"

What's the 23rd festival?