Snap o' the Day: Making it ped-friendly

news-crosswalkA City crew heats the pavement at the outlet of Old Preston Avenue at Market Street at 8:20am on April 22 in preparation for the application of crosswalk stripes. A week earlier, a crew ripped up the foreground sidewalk to replace the corner with a pebbled curb cut to assist the disabled. In the City that once ticketed a man after he was hit by a police car in a crosswalk, such work appears part of a $700,000 City push for pedestrians.


How many guys does it take to screw in a light bulb ? If the tea party crowd wants to look for wasteful spending they should start with the city public works dept.

so the road was the problem not the police officer who drove wrecklessly! i get it now!

Dan, it's always been like this in city governement. Most departments have twice as many employees as they need. This is why the city employee count is now almost up to 1,000 employees. Almost 1,000 employees for a population of less than 40,000. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out something is wrong with this picture. The picture above is evidence as a matter of fact. 3 employees watching, 2 doing the work.

In the department I used to work in, we always had one employee sitting around doing absolutely nothing for every one employee that was actually out in the field doing something. At last count while I was employed.... we had 5 chiefs and 4 indians. The 4 indians did all the work of course.

"A city crew heats the pavement" = incorrect reporting.


"A city crew observes one man heating the pavement"

Sorry about the error.

WrecklessIn CVille, when is the last time you recall a cop ever being charged in an accident? I don't recall a police officer ever being charged and/or convicted. The worst crash I recall in the last decade or so was when a county cop ran a stop sign and hit a Toyota truck. Seriously injured the two occupants of the truck. Was he even charged? Cop hits wheelchair bound man, no charges. Cop hits and kills pedestrian, no charges. Cop almost runs over two pedestrians in a crosswalk, no charges, except the pedestrians faced trumped up BS charges for yelling at the cop..... commonly know as "Contempt Of Cop" in law enforcement circles. The list just goes on and on and on and on. Don't ever hold your breath in any cop being charged and held accountable when they make a mistake and crash into somebody.

If you run a stop sign and crash into a Toyota truck injuring the occupants, YOU'RE going to be charged. Count on it.