Snap o' the day: Garden Week in Crozet

snap-tulips2009-1April 18-25 is Historic Garden Week in Virginia, and while these tulips in Crozet are not on the official tour, thanks to the magic of snap o' the day, you get to see them anyway. PHOTO BY MARY JANE GORE

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Brian O'Connor and Jeff Clark are both in the same boat. Neither has a chance.

As a Dem, I sure hope one of the kooks besides Hurt and Boyd win the GOP primary. What a bunch of weirdos, and none of them seem like smart politicos -- not a one even pulled George W's brilliant ploy of naming Jesus Christ as their favorite political leader. Doing that would have locked up 40% of the vote, as W proved in 2000 to the dismay of the other Republicans running against him back then. I hope Tom hits the wackos who say drug laws should be up to states -- by their logic, any state that is crazy enough to legalize dope must be allowed to, no matter what the impact on others. What kind of Virginia Congressman would idly sit by and say okey dokey if NC, TN, WVa, Md and DC all legalize, leaving us surreounded by dope fiends?

The question was about pot, not all drugs,but thats beside the point. Funny how those who want government to leave people alone never can say they support medical marijuana.
I would not vote for anyone who spouts off the "traditional family values" BS for dogcatcher!Likewise anyone so ignorant as to call Obama a "socialist."
Come to think of it maybe we do need a Che Guevara, to see Rush Limbaugh strangled to death with the entrails of Glenn Beck.(Just kiddin'-maybe).

Lloyd seems not to have done much homework on these candidates. After Periello's remark- "You'll have to tie our hands to stop us from spending", it was Verga who walked into Periello's office with a pair of handcuffs to suggest that we do just that- tie his hands. That shows more 'fire in the belly' than any of the other candidates have expressed.

We need someone in Congress who understands business and money. These career politicians have no concept of either. As a business owner, I believe that Laurence Verga is the best candidate for Congress.

Hurt has voted for several tax increases, not just one as he claims. He contradicts his voting record almost every time he speaks.

i have feared all along that the republicans are going to beat the current congessman if and ita big if they dont critizeeach other and unite behind the winner..the current representative voted for the health care bill and is in step with obama,,that alone would get me to vote agaist the present congressman,,thank you.

Verga is the zombie candidate in this race. He can't win,has no base, and won't clear single digits on June 8th. Feda Morton is finished and Ferrin is a ghost. This race is down to just 4, Boyd, McKelvey, McPadden, and Hurt

Boyd could probably be leading this if he put $200,000 of his own money in this race. He sounds the most like a congressman but in this current climate, where having no experience is a virtue, may hurt him. The knock on him seems to come from TEA party folks who confuse volume of voice with passion of beliefs

McKelvey is a hot head with a fist full of cash and a shrink wrapped RV who thinks he can cut the federal budget in his 1st year as a freshman congressman by 50% (if he tries it the 5th district will get nothing from Congress, if he doesn't he's a liar) Mark Lloyd has endorsed him and you need to know that when you read Mr. Lloyd comments in this story

McPadden wants to be the constitutional warrior, who seems to believe he's the only one who can bring us back to founders vision. Then he starts talking about the gold standard and how we should go back to it. This shows me he has no idea how modern economics work. Anyone who heard him spout his constitutional thoughts knows he some how believes he knows better than the Supreme Court and believes things that would make Scalia scratch his head in puzzlement. Passion over reason, to be sure. TEA party people think he's a genius but repeating what you heard on Fox News can be done by a parrot as well.

This should have been Hurt's race from the beginning but other than the folks he currently represents seems to be stalled. He seems like a Ken doll who speaks softly but carries no rhetorical stick. He may win this thing but it won't be impressive. Perriello could beat him every arena except a basketball court.

Verga is the only one willing to stand up to his own party. He cares about conservative principles of smaller government and lower taxes, not about getting re-elected.
Hurt is laughable on those points. He has raised taxes and his #1 claim on the job is he has been re-elected often.NO THANKS

Boyd has let the AC budget grow out of control.

Verga is the only one? Don't make me laugh. Anyone who is running against Hurt is running against the party elder's wishes. Verga is all talk, a wanna be congressman who didn't live here till 5 years ago and couldn't be bothered to vote here until he wanted to run. His business record seems to only be valid because he says it is- I have never seen any proof of it. His health problems could lead him to be unable to campaign for some time (his only 2 weeks time frame for a transplant is wildly optimistic). The Mayo Clinic calls for 3 to 4 weeks of close monitoring if everything goes flawlessly (which I pray it does).

Conan it's bald face lie that Boyd let the budget grow out of control. For the last two years the total Albemarle budget has fallen. In case you missed the public hearing had public schools parents waving checks and saying "raise MY taxes". Boyd and others stayed strong and kept the rate the same and this meant most folks saw their property taxes drop. Further without Boyd there wouldn't be a republican majority on the BOS. If you're not in the majority you can't make the budget smaller- just ask Rob Schilling.

Verga said that we Americans who voted our President into office are the biggest threat to national security. Verga said that the act of electing our current President “was political correctness gone awry”.

McKelvey is just like his out of control manager. No chance in the primary. Poor campaign in fact.

Verga thinks Roe vs Wade are alternate methods for crossing the Potomac.

Not sure it really matters who wins- they are P O L I T I C I A N is in the water.

We need to elect citizens who are real people, who, when they are done for the session (which should be real short) go back home and farm their fields, or work in their stores or sell their merchandize- but NO...they have to make a "big deal" about being a politician and have us all feel that they are the saviors of the world.

The old story is this- you can't get quality people in Congress without paying them quality money- or only the very rich and elite can "afford" to be in Congress- BS. The quality people are the ones with their feet on the ground- unfortunately, we have lost the ability to attract those types because money and BS talk, and the average citizen suffers because of that.

My dog would be an improvement over Perriello, but she's not interested in running, except after deer. After Tommy Boy's defeat, it will be nice having a representative who actually represents the wishes of the majority of his constituents, something Little Tommy doesn't give a rat's rump about. He represents the wishes of Obama and Pelosi, as evidenced by his vote on ObamaCare. He and his ilk rammed it down the throats of the majority of Americans (or was it in the form of a suppository?). He's toast come November.

Tommy Boy Detractor, Maybe you can give us some statistics on these so called majorities that TP isn't representing. Or are you just mad and listen to other mad people, and just assume it means everyone must be mad?

Voting for the reform package does not mean one is following the wishes of Pelosi or Obama. Plenty of people in the 5th wanted that reform. Sorry that displeases you, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I was actually against the package as it was, because it is the fraudulent non-competitive system we have had all along, with a few additional people getting picked up, and little being done for supply. In short, it doesn't go nearly far enough.

The majority (note that doesn't mean "everyone" nor "plenty") of Americans and 5th District residents WERE and ARE against Obama Care. Why do you think they had to use all those underhanded tactics get it passed? If the libs haven't learned from the elections in VA, NJ and MA, they are not educable. But I think they do realize and figure it was worth going against the wishes of most voters. After all, we're too dumb to know what's best for us. But we do know what's best, something many libs will find out, much to their dismay, on 11/2/10 and again on 11/6/12. Count on it!

I love how all of them continue the old saw on how the 'average' American citizen is overtaxed. By their state and local governments, that might be true. But we have one of the lowest tax levels of any 1st world country. All it takes is a little research to verify that. Not to mention, we also get the least from the taxes we pay.

I continue to laugh when I hear how our President and the gov't in general have taken away our rights and are destroying the country. How? By offering a way to actually cover some 40 million people under health insurance? By putting regulations back in place to keep banks and investment houses from destroying the economy again? By actually working for the average American, instead of completely for the special interests and corporations?

And TommyBoy, I'll believe it when I see it. Many people (including the Tea Party) seem to feel that not only will the Republican candidate win the seat, but that their will be a revolution like in '94. Somehow, I really doubt that will come to pass. The only thing that a Republican candidate has gong for them is that many parts of 5th district have leaned their way, and this is a mid-term election.

And it's laughable to say that the elections in those 3 states are an upset. Many states elect from the opposing party. In VA the other candidate ran a shoddy campaign, and the new representative in MA has voted with the Dems on many issues(I guess that makes him a RINO in your book?) As far as NJ, you might want to actually read some of the news sites for NJ to see just how much people are regretting their decision to vote for Christie.

And to add on to my last paragraph, I meant to say that many states elect from the opposing party *from the one in the White House at the time*.


Are you kidding re the MA election not being an upset? Heck, Brown took "The Swimmer's" seat! If that's not an upset, nothing is. Re NJ, don't believe what the Star Ledger, or other members of the Obama Cheering Squad MSM write. Funny how each time the Dems go down to defeat, the libs say "no big deal" and come up with a laundry list of excuses why it happened. The bottom line is that the majority of Americans aren't buying what the libs are selling, plain and simple. Whistle past the graveyard all you want, but the November Judgement Day for the Democratic Party is fast approaching and it won't be pretty.


No, MA really was not an upset. It was clear to political observers that Brown was going to win when the Democrat candidate (Coakley?) was running no campaign at all until the last moment. It was a disastrously run, managed and executed campaign by the MA Dems, and it showed in the results.

My name is John Giuliano and I ask you to write in John Walton Giuliano for Congressman of the 5th Congressional District of Virginia. If elected, I'll do all that I can to stop the New World Order in it's tracks and send all of the senior members of the NWO crime syndicate straight back to Hell! My experience includes listening to the Alex Jones show almost every single day for five years straight! I know the NWO's tricks, I know their modus operandi, I know what makes them tick, maybe not as well as Alex Jones, but he's not running for Congressman of the 5th District, is he? Sorry folks, but at the current time, I'm the best this area has to offer as far as anti-New World Order candidates go, like it or not. Vote for me!

"Then he starts talking about the gold standard and how we should go back to it. This shows me he has no idea how modern economics work."

On the contrary he actually understands 'modern economics' quite well in that a fiat monetary system creates a hidden tax called inflation. And if you have tracked the purchasing power of the dollar since we got the most recent incarnation of a central bank back in 1913, then the case for a better system is not difficult to make. Now a gold standard may, or may not be the answer or solution, but a monetary system that can create money out of thin air and charge you interest on it is not the answer either.

Mike will do the people's business when he goes to Washington and he has my vote.

The jets Mike makes his living flying have been spraying chem-trails on us in plain view for years! For the love of God, I don't understand why you would vote for someone who is spraying chemicals, nanobots, viruses and bacteria on you from 30,000 feet! Switch over to the Giuliano camp now - I promise that if I'm elected, I'll call for the Virginia Air National Guard to shoot down any plane whose contrail doesn't disappear within one minute, and that includes those with Mike McPadden in the cockpit!

Mike will do the bait and switch the moment his CIA bosses offer him the million dollar bribe! Could his military experience be proof that he doesn't work for "the people", but rather "the military"? Don't wait to find out!