McGuffey Art Center: Sarah Smith, Wilma Bradbeer, and Rhonda Roebuck, and "Forest Discoveries"

Image by Rhonda Roebuck.
Collage by Rhonda Roebuck.

The McGuffey Art Center offers four exhibitions: Sarah Smith's "Retrospective: Selected Works, 1961-2009" in the Main Gallery; Wilma Bradbeer's "Nature and Buildings: A Twenty Year Retrospective" and Rhonda Roebuck's "Curious Combinations" in the Downstairs Hall galleries; and "Forest Discoveries, " an exhibition related to science and art projects created by Charlottesville kids, in the Upstairs Hall Gallery. A First Friday opening is scheduled for May 1, 5:30-7:30pm. 201 Second St. NW. 295-7973.


I can say WOW! over and over again.
We lived in "Jefferson country", Charlottesville, and "Jerry Falwell country", Lynchburg, for several years when the price of gasoline was around 25 cents/gallon.
Its exciting to know that America's "Wild West" of Energy has now moved east due to global warming.
That is really exciting. I can't wait to drive the car of the future, the VLC, to free us from slavery of midwest oil masters.

I hope this car can make it. It's different and very futuristic in features. It will take getting used to. Americans are too used to the "big" cars, Suv's, etc. Time will tell all. I applaud Mr. Kuttner for his audacity and hope that he has not sacrificed in vain. The world needs someone with foresight like his. Thank God there are people like Mr. Kuttner and his colleagues who care that much for our future.

I'm very impressed with the concept & logic in developing a totally new vehicle. One question I have is how soon could the VLC be in production.

Hey Ziggy73- it's a contest! $10MM is the prize- Kuttner is in it for the M-O-N-E-Y!!!

Get it?

Why does everyone assume that dramatically increased fuel efficiency will lead reduced dependency on foreign oil? Prove it! So long as oil can be produced in Saudi Arabia and shipped to Houston for less than the cost of West Texas crude we will always use the cheap foreign crude before we use our expensive domestically produced crude. Apply the Laws of Supply and Demand to crude, an internationally traded commodity. The result is that any decrease in crude demand in the US will first result in reduced US production not in reduced crude imports.

@ HarryD

the $10M will be used to allow public access to the car of the future. A way to jump start the mass production and make it possible for everyone to have access to purchase this $20 k 100MPG car.

After droping so much money into any project I would want to get paid too :)

GasGuzzler- it's a contest. The prize is $10MM. Oliver is a car guy- pursuing his hobby with his friends- the target is the money.

GM, Ford and the others are not going for it because $10MM does not mean anything to them.

$10MM means something only to the little guy.

Your access to the car will be with your wallet- and it will not be for $20K.

There was an X-prize for the first civilian ship to reach "space". Spaceship One won it for Scaled Composites and you and I will not buy Spaceship One's in the near future.

When the $10MM is awarded to someone, none of it will be used to produce anything- it will pay the bills and be divided among the partners.


Living in Lynchburg, VA for 3 years continues to be impressive!
I see there will be bills paid when Kuttner's Crew receives the award, but I see them continuing the process and work forward to produce a great new car. If the price stays low many people will buy it, just like Henry Ford did in the beginning, Kuttner will repeat it.
Great job guys!!!!
Looking forward to the 2015 model.

This is 3 world dream car... It's about the gas mileage. I have a car in the Philippines. My Brother-in-Law is allowed to drive it when I'm not there (6 mo of the year). He won't... but he will drive his 125cc motorcycle, that gets 75 MPG. Now.. If I had a VLC, 100 mpg car, he would love to drive it. In the USA I drive 400 miles in my honda - 30 mpg... cost? $50. If I'm in a VLC the cost is $12. But that's at $3/gallon. Gas will go up... way up. It just looks better and better for the VLC