Carnival ousted from park?

news-dogwoodcarnivalNBC29 has a report that suggests yet another big change at McIntire Park: the alleged departure of the Dogwood Festival Carnival. First, softball was ousted and then saved. Then, wading was ousted and then saved. However, according to acting City Parks manager Brian Daly, the ouster will last just one season to allow for construction of a YMCA.


DF, SO WHAT if the Parkway takes a "few" cars off of Park ST.? Why should the whole city of Charlottesville sacrifice for the residents who live on that "one" street? Even the Mayor knows this mission is all wrong. Go ahead, laugh all you want. We can't help laughing at you tooooo. :-)))))))))))

If it weren't for all the gang bangers, shooting and people fighting at the carnival, I might take my wife and kids. I see why the security is so tight there.


Please. Are you saying that the Parkway won't lessen the mess on Park St. a little? It won't take some cars off of 250?

Of course it will. If I'm not mistaken, Park St. is in the city limits. There are are an almost unlimited amount of trails within 30 mins of the city. The trail we're losing is still a mess a week after a big rain. This whole debate and people protesting against the "evil Parkway" is hilarious. It's not that big a deal and it's happening.


You mean something is going to change?

Oh my...

DF and Mike, You guys are CLUELESS when it comes to the outcome, Parkway. I'm gonna laugh as you and other out of touch sorts finally find out, the project didn't help your objectives. The Parkway will negatively affect Charlottesville, and in many ways. The Parkway will aid the illplanned county though. City folk better wake up fast and protect the turf!

I agree with DF. The carnival becomes less and less attractive as the years progress and although I don't golf, I'll take your word that it's not much to look forward to. The prkwy seems more and more appealing everytime I get caught in what DF describes as gridlock traffic( Coming from Los Angeles I would use the phrase "backed up a tad") on 250. This problem WILL get worse and although this prkwy may not be the best option it is still an option non the less. I truly think this town has bigger things to worry about.

You can't oust the City Manager! He was just named the Businessman Of The Year or whatever. As Maxwell Smart, says, "Sorry about that!" :)

I use to enjoy the carnival when I was young. But it's a nightmare now, with all the entrances blocked off by the cops. You might as well plan on dropping your kids off under the bypass bridge and making them walk to the park on foot. Not the safest thing in the world to have to do. And if you do successfully get into the park in a motor vehicle.... just last night they had the entrance to the circle at the carnival where you can drop people off totally blocked by orange cones. Couldn't even pull in, let the kids out, and drive off any longer. Every year, something new to aggravate people to death.

And it seems the traffic control and restrictions get worse year to year. Back last year a police cadet claimed that parking within the park was limited to carnival employees only. I was directed to park at Charlottesville High School and walk to the park. No bid deal, except for the fact the exterior lighting at Charlottesville High School had malfuntioned. It was extremrely dark. I saw all of these mothers attempting to park and walk their small children to the park, extremely dangerous conditions. That's when somebody's head at City Hall should have rolled! Very poor planning. I wrote the Ciy Manager at the time asking why so many people had to be placed in so much danger by the Police Department, never got an answer back. We're nothing more than citizens and taxpayers, and should accept whatever they toss our way.

YES!!!!!!! Move the carnival to a safer place!

The Dogwood Carnival is terrible and hardly a loss. This silliness over the parkway needs to stop also. It's worth losing a pertpetually waterlogged walking trail and a couple holes on a lousy golf course to lessen the gridlock on Park St and 250.

OK then, but only if I can at least have David Brown leave along with him.

I'd start with the City Manager.

Time to oust our city council and save our city!

what "gang bangers?" I was just at the "festival" and although it was not so enjoyable, I would not denigrate the people in attendance simply because of how they look.

There were no fights nor any shooting. Maybe there's something about the people that attend the festival that Slice Bread doesn't want to state too plainly.


Giving up two holes on that terrible golf course is hardly a sacrifice. Gotta love how the dramatic the parkway haters are. "It's the end of the world!!! AHHH!!!"

DF, the idea that the parkway is going to have any lasting effect on Park Street traffic is simply ludicrous. Road building has never made for less traffic. Spend just a little time driving around anywhere north of Culpeper and into Southern Maryland if you want to see thousands of examples of what will happen here before long unless common sense approaches to stopping it are implemented. Reducing road building is just one of many things that needs to be done.

Something fundamental to keep in mind is that we as citizens had a very generous benefactor who left us a fine central park that bears his name. It's purpose was to be a park! That park should be more than a lame golf course, I for one have never understood how that park was allowed to be turned into something that serves so few people. The park should be redesigned to better serve the public in general, but putting a road through it to help a few developers get richer and to relieve the county's traffic burden at the expense of city residents isn't a legitimate part of that process.

Yallr, I think you're missing the point of Hoolarious' comment.

However, I agree with you that the carnival is terrible. It's the same company that's been doing it since I moved here in 97, except that most of the rides weren't running, many of the rides from years past were gone and the prices seemed to have increased.

I was disappointed and will not be sorry to see the carnival gone, only because I won't have to explain to my son why I don't want to go.

However, I don't think you should assume that the posters on this (or any) forum are local high school students or ever attended local high schools. I moved here long after graduating college, which I attended in Boston, MA. So your city/county dichotomy seems provincial to me.

The permanent loss of parkland and trees if they put the Meadowcreek Parkway through the Park--unless we can stop it. Time to oust this road and save the park.

yeah, i'm thinking slice bread is pretty white bread. i was at the carnival; i saw families with little kids.

the carnival was horrible.....there was like 4 rides, overpriced everything, and all it did was give high school degenerates a place to be scandelous. As for the "White Bread" remark, are you serious? You people need to attend schools outside this city because apparently Albemarle county schools do not teach that racist remarks only make you look like an idiot. The Carnival sucks though and needs to be redone completely to suit the people who are more than likely going to attend so more kiddy type rides and cheaper (we are still in a recession).