Snap o' the day: Python on the Mall

news-snakeScott Shifflett creates a little chaos on the Mall with a 14-foot, 14-year old  Albino Burmese Python named, appropriately enough, Chaos. "He'd be even longer if I had a bigger cage for him," said Shifflett.

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Now I know why I never chase any parking spots to visit the mall. seems to be a haven for drunks & idiots

I knew what I was going to see next....

$7 million in new bricks.

My girlfriend is very ophiophobic... we saw the snake down there and for the next hour every time I'd put my arm around her she'd flinch a little. (and no, that's not normal :)

I can tell this guy likes to have his snake stroked!

i love chaos although living with it for awhile it just seemed the house was not big enough for the both of us...... but that's scott. he loves his snakes....

This is what I love about the Mall--never know what you'll see next !

Is anyone else totally grossed out by the dog in the fridge at Ventana?? SICK. Dogs should not be in refrigerators.

No worries, tw, Ventana only had 2 critical violations (and 9non-critical violations) on their last health inspection (June 23, 2010).

A dog in the fridge isn't listed anywhere. :-)

No dogs were harmed in the taking of this photo.....And the fridge was down for maintenance.

I like the dog, I hope it's on the menu.

Don't you have to keep them fresh before you prepare 'em.....

Whether the fridge in that picture was down for maintenance or not, I sure hope it was adequately cleaned and disinfected prior to bringing it back on line. A once over with a cloth would definitely not be sufficient. Just seems like that photograph all in all was not in particularly good taste.

EWWW...I thought the same thing about the dog in the fridge...what were they thinking when that picture was taken?! It sure doesn't make me want to eat there any time soon or ever!

Most of the chef's take themselves way to seriously, it's lighthearted. Stop being such c'ville prudes and lighten up.

Guess we are not going to Ventana......if the dog is not there, then I would question the menu.

Can't believe the fuss some of you are kicking up about a pic of a dog in an UNUSED refrigerator. Needless to say, the reach-in would be cleaned before being used again for food storage. Duh.

You might want to check your fridge at home first. If you have any pets, I can guarantee that some of their fur has made it inside there, along with plenty of your own hair. And don't get me started on your germ-riddled little children and their grubby paws...

I like that dog, and that dog likes me. Dogs are good judges of character. There are some seriously uptight people in Charlottesville. What silly snobs.

We should pass a city ordinance allowing dogs in all restaurants. They do it in Europe, and most people in far left Charlottesville hate being Americans anyway.

Publicity is great. Controversy is even better. Get over yourselves. The dog is cool, the food is even better. It's called photography... How do you people even know that's Ventana's kitchen? Wow. Only in Charlottesville!

Im more concerned about the ramen noodles. How Gauche!