Snap o' the Day: Ivy Bonfire

news-bonfire-med A bonfire roars Friday night at an outdoor party at an unidsclosed location near Ivy.

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With conditions being what they now are sure hope this fire was completely extinguished --wouldn't want to see another Myrtle Beach fire in Albemarle. Do we have any state laws such as the one in South Carolina that legislate open burns ?

"Man cited in debris fire confirmed, commission links to cause of larger fire"

The Forestry Commission said in its statement naming Torchi, that "state law requires burners to notify the S.C. Forestry Commission, clear around the area to be burned, have adequate resources available to control the fire, and stay with the fire until it is safe to leave."

Torchi said that he didn't know he needed to notify anyone that he would be burning debris.

"I've been doing it every Saturday or Sunday for seven years," he said.