Humberto Sales

Beleza Brasil's guitarist plays solo classical guitar pieces from Spain and Latin America.


I am not really sure how the content of this particular column is helpful to anyone--other than perhaps other doctors that have experienced the same situations. What you describe is true of about any job that requires dealing with people--there will always be people that make things more difficult. And there are people that make our lives feel more blessed. That is just the way life is.

I think you had a column similar to this a long while back, and quite honestly it doesn't come off well. I am sure you are trying to show us the difficulties that doctors encounter, but as much as I appreciate the work of doctors, the truth remains that they are not the only ones to experience frustrations in their chosen profession.

Maybe he's just noticed that people seem to be more irritable recently, it seems that way for me the last few months. If the patients show up and pay the big bucks to consult a doctor, they should be cooperative with that doctor. Common courtesy will get you far no matter what you're doing.

But I have to agree about waiting, if a doctor could figure out how to keep their appointments on time that would be a great thing.