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Why do you editors of The Hook keep paying this guy Ted Rall? He just wrote an article about US foreign policy regarding the Middle East, without once mentioning terrorists and calls the US an "oppressor". He thinks we sanction Iran because we don't want economic competition, he doesn't even mention nuclear weapons or sponsorship of terrorists. He thinks we support Pakistan's military so that they will attack India. He is a conspiracy theorists who does not believe in the need for evidence; he just writes whatever makes the US look bad. Also, he writes in the style of an 8th grader. Editors, in all seriousness, please read the "articles" Ted Rall wrote for you and then stop paying him.

Ted Rall is a punk. He wouldn't know a war zone from a Cambridge bar.

He's a cartoonist- doesn't that mean that he takes nothing seriously?

Both of you guys are shameless tools. Can't anyone ever take an historical perspective and see things more objectively than if you were just rooting for your favorite football team?

Hey big boy (gasbag), what war did you play in? As one American once said- "all we ask is place to bury our war dead"

A collection of misguided clichés from someone able to write but less able to think. A piece devoid of balance as much as it is devoid of solutions. Defeatism and the “blame America first” themes are the hallmarks of lazy, irresponsible opinion that does not take responsibilities of citizenship or the writing profession seriously. While it may be instructive to refer back to history (even luridly) for enlightenment, I find a novice among the archives with this writer. Is he stuck in the sixties?

Wow. This is a terrible essay. Not for his viewpoints, but for his lack of knowledge, ability to formulate arguments, and general ignorance. Not even worth responding to beyond stating the obvious.

"When the U.S. invades, it often fails to occupy, much less annex. When it occupies, it does so with fewer soldiers than necessary to control its newly acquired territory."

If our sole goal was to occupy and annex, it could be done much more easily than what we are trying to. If you ever thought that was the goal, you are living on another planet.

If it was solely about oil, mineral, and gas, why wouldn't we just build impenetrable bases around the areas of value and let the rest of the country go to sh$t? As far as I'm concerned that is what we should have done if we were to go in at all.

So very tired of paying with blood and gold to fix other countries. Let's fix America first.

It is also our goal to protect our shores from being invaded- we have failed only a couple of times.