Fox news: Former Mexican president blasts U.S. policy

news-foxFormer Mexican president Vicente Fox told an audience at UVA's Darden School of Business that American backlash against illegal immigration and the outsourcing of jobs was, "not coherent with its founding ideas."

In 2000, Vicente Fox famously became Mexico's first president not belonging to the Institutional Revolutionary Party due in some part to his promotion of free-market capitalism and to a fortune made as an executive for the Coca-Cola Company. Nine years later, Fox is still preaching free trade, but he told an audience of hundreds at UVA's Darden School of Business that Americans have become "xenophobic" toward his country to the point where it hurts the economic interests of both nations.

"We were told by America that trading was a win-win tool," said Fox. "Now we have [the U.S.] saying 'I have to build a wall. I don't like outsourcing. Why should my job go overseas?' The leader is not being coherent with its founding ideas."

Fox returned to this theme of admiration for American ideals but criticism for the United States government's decisions toward Mexico throughout his keynote address at the Darden School's annual Latin American Student Association conference. For an hour, the Mexican president from 2000 through 2006 eschewed the podium and instead paced the stage at Abbott Auditorium, filling the room with his booming baritone.

Particularly troublesome to Fox was the 2006 legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Bush to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"When we're neighbors, when we're partners for prosperty, why build a wall?" said Fox. "Walls don't work. The Berlin Wall didn't work. The Chinese wall didn't work."

Additionally he praised all Mexicans who had emigrated to the United States, specifically not reserving his comments for only those who had come legally.

"Migrants–- documented or undocumented–- I admire," said Fox. "They have something within them that makes them leaders that look for opportunity and have heroic aspirations for their families, and for their nation."

To that end, Fox called for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform as part of a renewed partnership between the United States and Mexico.

"Migrants make it possible to collect the apples in Washington, to collect the vegetables in California, to make the service industry work, and to care for the elderly," said Fox. "It would not open our borders, but it would bring order to an issue that is an asset to this great nation's economy."

Further, Fox predicted that if Mexico became more prosperous as a result of American investment, the illegal immigration along the Rio Grande would cease to exist.

"Canada is a great trading partner with the U.S.," said Fox. "Do you see a problem along that border? You don't need anyone to be there."

Fox even stressed the need for U.S.-Mexican cooperation as it applied to the current outbreak of swine flu that originated in Mexico, but has now spread to both sides of the border.

"In 2005, after the bird flu, we came out of meetings with American public health officials with a policy this thick," said Fox, holding his hands about a foot apart. "We bought millions of vaccines. The problem is vaccines only work if you know what the virus is. Now, everyone needs to collaborate to figure out what the virus is as quickly as possible."

Fox wasn't the only one making controversial statements during the lecture. When Fox began to speak of his successor President Felipe Calder³n's handling of the ongoing war between the Mexican drug cartels, one man who looked to be a UVA student silently stood up with a black gag in his mouth and a sign in Spanish which, roughly translated, said "No police state! Enough is enough!"

To this, Fox simply said, "Hola."

Fox continued his remarks, but 20 seconds later, turned to the protester and said "Esta bien, eh?"

As a University police officer began to move down the aisle in the protester's direction, the protester folded up his sign and walked out of the hall without an escort. The officer did not follow the protester outside of the auditorium.

It would seem that the man's displeasure was not shared by all in attendance. At the beginning and the conclusion of Fox's remarks, the former president received a standing ovation. In exchange, Fox offered the Darden students and faculty a standing invitation.

"You are all welcome to come to my home at Rancho San Cristobal," said Fox. "We have the best enchiladas and the best tequila."


How dare a former foreign president dictate to the American population, Lawmakers may be able to influence each other in most issues, like Americans are bargaining chips. But not this time because any new law relating to immigration is going to be a Battle Royale. It's the majority of the--THE PEOPLE stupid--who demand E-Verify become MANDATORY--not the government or many corrupt politicians. They also demand it be conducted on everybody in the workplace--not just new hires. It's outrageous that many of our lawmakers have been brought by the parasite business world, who thinks they have a right to cheap illegal foreign labor. Those parasite businesses should be penalized to the full extent of the law. Enforcement of the 1986 Immigration Reform & Control act should be mandated. Addition Amendments could be added? We do not need another Path to citizenship--better known as AMNESTY. Last one was a travesty of the law, with copious fraud. Enforce E-Verify and illegal immigrants will not be hired. Without work they will leave? ATTRITION is the name of the game! Have questions regarding the Illegal alien invasion and our cultural, language, society and financial consequences. Find the untouched truth of rising taxes, costs, environment and OVERPOPULATION at these websites.


Mexicans that come here, (other than the seasonal migrants he is so proud of, ) do so because MEXICO SUCKS. The country has gold, silver, oil, natural gas and tourism and they still live like they did 200 years ago. The government is corrupt and the United states simply enables these people by allowing them to come here illegally instead of making them stay home and FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT FOX IGNORED FOR NEARLY A DECADE.

I'm sure his biggest regret is not still being in office so that he could find out what it is like to have the PRESIDENT of the greatest country in the world kneel down, kiss his ass and blame all Mexicos problems on George Bush.

It's really difficult to determine who's in charge in America anymore. Being an older person, I've seen this country change dramatically, but whether or not it was a hidden agenda or lack of technology to know differently, we used to feel we had a country that was ours (American citizens) and a President who ran the country and looked out for the best interests of our country. Now I feel that our President is more interested in being loved by the world, apologizes for a great country that has done more to help other countries and taken in more immigrants that all the other countries combined and yet, we just are not doing enough and Obama just keeps right on lending us out as if our tax dollars really belong to the other countries who want or need it. How dare Fox come to this country and think that after absorbing 12-30 million of Mexico's poor, giving them free health care, educating their kids, birthing their kids, paying them under the table only to have billions sent back to Mexico, continuing to give US money to Mexico (although rich in their own right) to combat drug wars, and on it goes. Just how generous does Mexico feel the US should be? Open ended? They don't like a wall, well you know you don't see Canadians crawling into this country to give birth to multiple children and signing up for medicare and infiltrating our school system so now nobody knows what language to speak from classroom to classroom. These are Latinos that are doing this and I'll be darned if they or their government will take responsibility for this illegal action, but yet, look at Mexico's immigration laws that they fearcely enforce. Take your people home, provide for them, give them some of the money the rich have just as you expect the middle class and richer people in America to do. Take them home, that is where they really want to be.
Fox can go XXXX himself.

bookguy, you miss the point completely. No one hates someone who comes here to better himself. We can all respect someone who is willing to work to feed his family, even if it means braving the desert to get here. The POINT is that the REASON they come here is because their own government creates a situation where it is the only alternative. American cash from people sending it home is Mexicos 3rd larget source of net income. Then this spineless man who allowed the mafia to control the government wants to come here and chastise us for trying to get Mexico to step up to the plate. Mexico has ZERO excuses for not being the richest country per capita in this hemisphere. They have everything they need except an honest government and ambition. (mostly because the ones with ambition fled to the US).
Another important point is that there are immigration laws that are there not to keep people out but to keep immigation in proper balance and perspective. We have the ability to enforce them. The Native americans had no such choice and look what happened to them.

There are lots of people on the waiting list to come here for a better life, not just to make doneros to send home to a corrupt country that won't take care of itself despite its natural resources. We can absorb a certain numnber of newcomes and I say lets give some others a chance for a change.

Fox referred to Americans' ââ?¬Å?xenophobic” attitude. Read the first three comments here.

It's unreal!

Maggie refers to "latinos" "crawling" and "infiltrating" as if they are not human beings loved by God and Jesus.

Pablo Cruise: "MEXICO SUCKS" What more needs to be said?

Brittancus claims that he is "dictating" to Americans! What? Sounds like he gave a reasoned speech. Bush and Clinton will be in Canada giving a speech soon. Does that make them dictators?

The incoherence of the right-wing comments on this page is an excellent indication of the decline of the GOP's power in this country. They are frustrated and don't understand why they're "values" are declining.

The day after the 41st GOP senator became the 60th Democratic one, the adherents of "conservative" values in this country may want to rethink the notion that it's ok to simply spew hateful comments when a former head of state of a large, neighboring nation gives a talk at the local business graduate school.

I mean, are you adults? Are you able to respond to what the man actually said without these irrelevant talking points and without expressing derision and hate for other human beings?

If the answer is no, try not be surprised as you find the rest of this great country moving further and further away from your narrow viewpoint.

Billy Bob your inability to understand the facts does not make you right.

I am a democrat.

When people are willing to leave their family behind to travel 3000 miles to cleans sewer pipes to feed them the place ain't paradise.

Fox was an impotent leader which is well documented. He is not a person these people at Darden should lend credence too. If Bill Clinton goes to Canada and speaks of the sanctity of Marriage they should landblast him also. Fair is fair.

Mexico has access to trillions of dollars in natural resources and the widespread corruption keeps it in the ground instead of in the bank. This money could be used to modernize the country. Maybe 200 years was an exxageration, but it is a shame that the most modern appliances in the country belong to the drug cartels in the way of military grade weapons.

Feeling sorry for mexico is like feeling sorry for richie rich who cannot access his trust fund until he agrees to sober up.

To rephrase: a significant portion of mexico SUCKS.

you people like to bust on redneck republicans until it comes time to get your car fixed, your food grown or your wars fought.

If all the democrats called in sick for a day the country would still function except for the government handouts and the school systems.

pablo, since you rephrased and admitted to exaggeration, I'll suggest that whatever impotence Fox exhibited may have been due to the fact the he was the FIRST non-PRI president elected in over 70 years. So the entire bureaucracy of Mexico's government was entrenched as opposition to whatever reforms he proposed.

Blaming HIM for all of Mexico's problems is like blaming Yeltsin for Russia's.

A head of state is a man of substance. He SHOULD be listened too and his viewpoint should be respected. That does not mean that you have to agree with everything he says. But your comments and the others' comments seemed to not even regard what he was saying, for whatever reason.

Using "MEXICO SUCKS" as a basis for your commentary does not seems constructive. Maggie's comment "Fox can go XXXX himself" does not further a discussion concerning Fox's lecture AT ALL.

These are reactionary, emotional and immature outbursts that appear come from those mired in hate and ignorance.

The U.S./Mexican border is the biggest wealth divisor between to Nations in the entire world. Free Trade? Free Markets? Without the free mobility of labor? It's a joke. It's an exploitation of Mexican prices.

We need to open our borders to all trade, and this means labor. Mexicans have every right to work in the U.S. and I have the right to labor in Mexico. Quasi trade agreements don't solve the problem, but it was an excellent step in for the early 1990s. NAFTA needs to be re-evaluated for 2010 and beyond.

When we have divisions like this, we get illegal immigration, gangs and border drug wars. Let's end this crap called protectionism and let people live freely. Let me smoke dope! let me work in Mexico! and let a Mexican take my job if it is fairly/competitively taken!

"Using ââ?¬Å?MEXICO SUCKS” as a basis for your commentary does not seems constructive. Maggie’s comment ââ?¬Å?Fox can go XXXX himself” does not further a discussion concerning Fox’s lecture AT ALL.

These are reactionary, emotional and immature outbursts that appear come from those mired in hate and ignorance."

..............Calling brutal honesty on a blog "immature outbursts" sounds like something that would come from a Professor who has never had a REAL job in the REAL world.

If the Darden School wants to show him respect at the event the that is their choice. If I want to lamblast him for HIS actions in a public forum that is my choice. His actions are not respectable and I find his point of view insulting. Since this is NOT Mexico I can voice my opinion without fear of the Federales whisking me away in the dead of night.

By the way ... this is the same Darden school that was instrumental at training the people who lost OVER a billion dollars of endowment money because they didn't see the freight train coming down the track.

Patrick, There are only so many seats in the theater. Just because mexico is next door does not mean that they should be allowed to grab all the seats and displace millions of other people (who by the way,often have it WAY worse then them) that seek the same dreams they seek.

We HAVE an immigration policy and our government does not follow it. They allow this to continue and it will overload an already burdened system.

Just imagine what would happen if we issued national medical cards to all LEGAL folks. With another 45 million currently uninsured added to the list of people to keep track of, how easy do you think it will be to defraud the system. Then instead of healthy migrants we will be overun by diabetics etc looking for treatment using a relatives identity. It goes on already. Ask the people of Manassas how bad it got.

It is in the interest of the US to hold mexicos feet to the fire and force them to spend some of their natural resources solving their own problems instead of encouraging their workers to come here.

By the way it is illegal for an american to work in mexico without a special permit which are not granted without a bribe.

Do a little trip with that google search thingy and find out how mexico treats its illegal immigrants from central america.You will be surpised.

I can also respect any man who would travel 3000 miles to feed his family but that does not excuse his countrymen from their responsibility to fix their own problems.

Fox was a failure because he does not face the truth, and it is sad that so many mexicans SUFFER because of his minature cajones.

Mexico has a huge poor population because of it's corrupt Government. That is not the US's fault. The Mexicans need to fix Mexico's problems - plain and simple.

Does anybody care about the poverty stricken American citizens anymore? Illegal Aliens are stealing jobs from the least educated/least skilled Americans who happen to reside in the lowest economic bracket of our country. The Illegals are hurting America's poor the most. Nobody can argue otherwise. It is a FACT! Our government is failing to protect the interests of it's poorest citizens.

It all comes down to taxpayer money - the US government is supposed to collect taxes to help the American people NOT to assist foreigners. And that is exactly what is happening. Illegals are a huge drain on tax monies for education, healthcare etc.

Mexico is simply a Proximity Issue - Africa, India, Vietnam, China - all these countries have large/huge poverty stricken populations - and so does Mexico - the difference is that Mexico just happens to be located at our southern border and Vietnam isn't... Do you want the gov. to send $50 Billion of US taxpayer money to Vietnam a year to educate their population and provide healthcare? I didn't think so... Then we shouldn't provide these American Tax Paid services for Illegal Aliens who happened to be fortunate enough to escape their dismal country by illegally sneaking into ours...

Build the Wall and Deport all Illegals!

wow, what a coincidence - three comments from "native americans" whose ancestors probably said the same about the Irish, Polish and all the other "foreigners" that have overrun their country. In my limited experience, the Latinos I have encountered have been pleasant, hard working people who have been trying to better themselves and support their families. We certainly have to resolve the issue of illegal aliens but can, I think, do so with other than a "cowboy" screw everyone but us attitude.

Pablo:"The country has gold, silver, oil, natural gas and tourism and they still live like they did 200 years ago. "

This is simply untrue! How much time have you spent in Mexico? You sound completely ignorant.

Your untrue and hateful statements appear to be the BASIS for your opinions.

If you were able to make a reasonable statement based on facts, it might be worth the time to respond. Instead you make hateful comments ("MEXICO SUCKS") and incorrect, ignorant ones ("they still live like they did 200 years ago").

Please reread Fox's comments about the xenophobic attitudes of Americans. Read the hook blog item about Virginian's being among the most narrow minded Americans. Read the news this morning about the republican party sinking further and further and further into minority status. Connect the dots and try to figure out where you fit into all this.

The Fox babble at Darden is all a smokescreen that has allowed them to cloud their primary purpose -- to mull all the ways the little pr!cks at Darden can devise to extract a dollar from somewhere -- anywhere.

If Fox offered a scheme enabling the precious Darden students to exploit Mexico and extract any value they could lay their hands upon, every rube at the Darden School from the leadership to first year students would be lined up outside in the auditorium green room waiting to hit their knees and service the former Mexican president.

"Blaming HIM for all of Mexico’s problems is like blaming Yeltsin for Russia’s"

Ok.. so Fox was stymied by the mexican pelosi and reid...

Then he should have said that instead of blaming america...

Perhaps if he would step up to the plate and force mexico to look into the mirror something might actually change.

He takes no responsibility for his FAILURE to make a significant difference. He is not worthy of this respect you speak of and quite the contrary if he cared about mexico he would stop shifting blame anywhere other than the exisiting criminals that control the country.


So you think Mexicos failure is the our fault?

Go ahead to mexico and try and get a job... I hear they are hiring...that is if you are good at assinations, bribing officials, or smuggling human chattel.

We owe them nothing.. the drug money is a finacial windfall that gets trickeled down into mexico and saves the government money so they have no reason to stop it.

The country is run by corruption and we "owe" them nothing. They have been protected by us for 100 years.

Billy Bob, kudos man.

ââ?¬Å?Migrantsââ?¬â? documented or undocumentedââ?¬â? I admire,” said Fox. ââ?¬Å?They have something within them that makes them leaders that look for opportunity and have heroic aspirations for their families, and for their nation.”..

read that last line folks - "For their NATION" - right there in black and white. Mexican elite still dream of the reconquista. And they'll do it any way they can. If it means sending their poorest (read: 95% of the population) north to breed like livestock and take over by demographics - then so be it.

Pablo Cruise,

Nothing is 100% any one groups fault. America is not completely at fault for Mexico's failure; however, seeing how much Mexico effects the U.S. and our citizens, it is most likely in the U.S.'s best interest to do all it can to make Mexico a better place.

You speak as though Mexico City is not a metropolitan area. Of course there are businesses there that are hiring. If I wanted to go there and work, I'd have to brush up on my Spanish, but yes, there are plenty of jobs available. Just like any international city, there are good and bad parts.

I do not believe we have been the best neighbor to Mexico, and many other South/Central American countries. We focus on short-term gains, and we do not analyze long-term consequences. This is a downfall of a political cycle of 4-8 years and sometimes less. Of course, I would not trade it for the world, but we have to have some long-term responsibility when it comes to American continent policy.

I welcome the Mexican's and all other undocumented Hispanics. We just need U.S. policy to "acknowledge" there is a problem with them not gaining citizenship, by free-loading on our revenues and safety. When people try to do SOMETHING, it is considered political suicide, because people like you just want to say "We owe them nothing..."

You can go to the downtown mall on any given night and see a bunch of chickens in just about any bar

I think Guinevere Higgins is doing heroic work in promoting her chickens in the city. I hope she continues, for there's nothing more essential to civilization than food gathering...

There once was a time when free markets existed for food. Back when local food ruled the day, if a farmer sold milk that was bad, he would not get return customers unless he adjusted his practices to make a healthier product. This free market was self-regulating.

Enter Senate bill S. 510 Food Safety Modernization Act, already passed in the House as HR 2749. Some have demonized the bill as ultimate food fascism where the FDA will micromanage even small farms and co-ops to the point where it will become illegal to grow, share, trade or sell homegrown food. While others see it as a measured way to control the health and quality of factory farms. One thing is for sure, S.510 gives more power to the corrupt FDA to regulate our food. And there is renewed interest in the Senate to pass this bill since the recent massive egg and meat recalls due to salmonella and E. coli outbreaks.

This bill does nothing to change the actual practices of factory farming and the way the food for animals is grown and delivered. It does give the FDA draconian powers to force inspections to be paid for by the farmers themselves. This can be an effective tool for the big multinational agri-corporations to further squeeze out their competition and gain near complete control of food resources in America. Furthermore, S.510 essentially hands much of the FDA's duties over to the liberty-smashing Department of Homeland Security -- which is mentioned 41 times in the bill.

All 273 pages of the bill contain legalize that can be difficult to decode, but one of the easiest ways to determine if it is good for average Americans is to view who is supporting the bill, versus who opposes the bill. Monsanto and other agri-monopolies support the bill with full force. Indeed, some speculate that they even wrote the bill themselves
Sadly, this bill is gaining momentum because of the recent food recalls. One way or another, our corrupt politicians and their corporate overlords will see to it that there is more regulation over our food. If this bill passes, we can expect more consolidation in agriculture and more police-state raids of private health-food cooperatives. Worse yet, this bill may just be the primer for the even more egregious bill HR.759 Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act, which fully restricts local food producers and natural health remedies.

Food freedom starts at home with the individual choices that we make. However, exposing the corrupt regulatory system and educating the powers that be about healthier ways to produce food is also vital to maintaining our food freedom.

Grow Your Own Organic Food

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