Late-night hunger? Tweet the yellow hot-dog truck


dish-lastcalldogsLast Call Dogs hopes to satisfy your post-partying cravings...well, at least some of them..

Starting next weekend, expect to see a giant yellow truck going back and forth between the Corner and Downtown after 10pm, serving up hot-dogs, nachos, pretzels, Big Jim's BBQ, and Slawski’s Sweet Sausage on the cheap to folks with the late munchies. The owners of said yellow hot-dog truck appear to enjoy anonymity, as their website has no contact information. All it says is: Thursday-Saturday, 10pm-2am. Downtown/Corner district, every Fridays After Five.


Apparently, the owners of Last Call Dogs are also aiming to be Charlottesville's first Twitter and Facebook-centric business.

Indeed, Last Call Dogs Twitter page was the only place where Dish could find out anything about the big yellow truck with a hot-dog on the side. Apparently, they had a little trouble getting started–literally–as they went through three starters in the truck in one month. They also have 39 followers already, including 106.1 The Corner's Brad Savage, and call themselves the "best mobile late-night food in Cville."

"Yes, I've seen the yellow hot-dog truck!," says Savage (imagine hyper-enthusiastic radio voice here). 

According to Savage, Last Call Dogs is the brainchild of Joseph Mills, who along with partner Bartley McGowen brought us Wahooptie Taxi, the distinctive orange and green Lincoln Town Car stretch limos with ââ?¬Ë?Wahooptie’ written in large 3-D letters on the side panels, which can be hailed via phone text and instant messenger. 

"I kind of think of it as a sister business, powered by Wahooptie," says Mills, though he has a different partner for this venture, Virginia Staffing Choice president Matt Frazer.  "From operating the taxi service, we saw alot of people looking for cheap, good food after the restaurants had closed." 

Cheap indeed. Mills says you'll be able to get two hot-dogs and a drink for $5.

Mills also admits that having no phone and no set location was intentional.

"We hope it will be a kind of fun thing to do, using Twitter and Facebook to find out where we are," he says.


Ventured to the Corner one night and happened the yellow truck. The dogs were as uninspired as the employees manning the truck.

Everything about this hot dog experience was lacking....I know drunk people are low-hanging fruit, but you have GOT to try harder than that....

Where the devil was this 20 years ago when it might have done me some good?!

Evidently waiting for the young Mr. Mills...

As one that always has a clean desk I have also learned the cons of it--people often think you don't have enough to do and some managers see it as encouragement to give you more work.

That said, I still love having a clean desk and never understand how people function with messy desks. It seems easy and practical for me to keep it picked up.