UVA alums Kennedy and Fey make Time 100

news-kennedyfeyTime magazine has released its annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, and the University of Virginia can claim two spots on the list. Both Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA, UVA Law '59) and comedian Tina Fey (undergrad class of '92) received the nod. Time commissioned famous friends to pen personal profiles of each, with California Governor (and husband to Kennedy's niece) Arnold Schwarzenegger waxing rhapsodic about Kennedy, and Alec Baldwin offering insight on 30 Rock co-star Fey.


Tina love your irreverence -- hope many UVA students will follow your example

chevy - palin and mccain lost because they had nothing to offer and a party that had nothing to offer, not because of tina fey. I usually vote R and palin was a ridiculous candidate; did not know the issues, little experience, a petty local politician who was selected as she like to shoot guns, talk about family values and was sorta hot. having a position or a point of view does not make you qualified. imagine her trying to deal with the mess we have now; banks, car cos, economy, pakistan, afgahistan, iran, irag and who know what else.

ford might have been victimized by chase, but palin was not. she was portrayed as she was; not a remotely serious candidate.

So I wonder if Fey (probably a liberal since she's artsy fartsy) actually voted for McCain/Palin in the name of job security for herself.....could have been lots of material with Palin's white trash family, etc.

As an alum of UVA myself, I used to be proud of Fey. After the last election cycle, I don't feel the same way---I've even stopped watching SNL. With Biden churning out a gaffe a minute and even Obama with comments like "I've visited all 57 states so far" and SNL ignoring it.....I just got sick of the bias. I can laugh at a good joke, but get weary when its all one sided.

Like it or not, this so called comedy does have influence. Watch Jay Leno's "man on the street" segment to get an idea of how truly informed people are.....or are not.

Fey is one of many Hollywood-based cogs in a wheel. She certainly does not belong is the upper echelon of the Top 100. Even Time takes the award a joke. Didn't it name a non-human one year?

I'm so happy for Fey as I sit here on a glacier waiting to pop my next moose. I love to watch reruns of how well she defines my true character!

You go girl!

I want my 15 seconds back!!!!

What a joke! Kennedy I could pooossibly see, but Fey? Who does she influence? She's a comedian, for goat's sake. Why not give it to the Golden Girls? I'm glad I stoppend subscribing to Time over thirty years ago. Air heads.

regardless of your politics, Tina Fey played a major role in this past election. her impression of palin drew attention to palin when most were not sure of how to take her. she would have been found out eventually, but fey clearly drew a picture in only a few short minutes. palin was an absurd, ill prepared and unworthy choice. fey made that all to apparent for everyone to see.

Enrique, agree Fey was a huge force in defeating the McCain/Palin ticket and energizing young voters. Think another UVA grad helped as well--Katie Couric

I think you hit it right on the head enrique. She played to much of a role in the election. The media did its part to bring her skits to the mainstream to try and influence voters and at the same time were downplaying important character issues of one of the candidates.
It is sad when people look to comedians/actors for guidance regarding such an important decision. I remember Chevy Chase impersonating President Ford as a clutz and buffoon when in reality he was very intelligent and an exceptional athlete. Many political analyst believe this played a small part in his defeat to President Carter. Comedians and Actors are there for our entertainment. Nothing more and nothing less.

Oh I agree it was not lost due to her. I just think to much attention was paid by the media to Fey for the portrayal.(accurate or not) Being in the top 100 in Time supports my feeling.

I have a real sore spot for entertainers/media who try and push agendas or candidates on us common folk when they are usually the ones less informed. BTW.I am Independant

Fey didn't influence the election any more than the Comedy Channel's Stuart and Colbert. Two things lost the election for McCain-Palin, Bush and Obama. When Obama's in the room do you nobody notices McCain?
It's sad if people need a caricature to evaluate a candidate.
"...imagine her trying to deal with the mess we have now; banks, car cos, economy, pakistan, afgahistan, iran, irag and..." I frankly don't see anybody doing any better. We're just trillions of dollars poorer. If Time wanted a woman, why didn't they just chose someone from The View?

Awww...always a bridesmaid.

It seems avarvice, arrogance, stupidity and greed just aren't qualities that decent human beings hold in high esteem.

Better luck next time Darden pubes!

Check out that spending at The Batten Institute. Look at the waste throughout the Darden School. While these people suck on the fat teat of donor largesse, they are being trained to ruin the U.S. economy.