Bad bug: Swine flu confirmed in Central Virginia

The Virginia Department of Health has now confirmed the existence of two cases of swine flu, including an unnamed Central Virginia woman. Neither victim required hospitalization and both are "recovering well," according to a Department release. Meanwhile, in another sign of caution, a Hook staffer just confirmed with personnel there that the Downtown Mall  CVS pharmacy has sold out its stock of surgical face masks.

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Heard that a painters mask works. True or false ?

You'll get varying answers on this one. What kind of painters mask do you mean?
Mask or not,

1. Avoid shaking hands, kissing, other social contact of people whose status you are unsure about

2. Avoid people w/visible signs of illness. If you worry you'll be considred rude, consider this: Which is worse, to be considered rude, or to get the flu?

3. Wash hands and/or use sanitizing gel during/after public outings

4. Avoid crowds and confined spaces

5. Stay home if you or child are sick. Children can spread virus 10 days after illness, adults 5 days, according to CDC

I think it would be better then nothing. I have read where alot of the issues about the effectiveness of the masks are the seal, if air can get around the mask, there is no point wearing a mask. I don't know if the weave is tight enough on painters masks (so maybe use two if it came to that?) and I also read where if you are in doubt of your mask seal, duct tape it to your face! :) Yes, you would look silly as hell, but you would be alive later to alugh about it. :)

People need something to worry about otherwise they may face an existential crisis

Other strains of the flu have been killing tens of thousands every year, so until someone can explain why this version of influenza is any more serious than any other, I think the fact that "two people got sick in central VA" is not news worthy, even for The Hook. Why aren't we all asking, "Where is all this hype coming from?" instead of "Where can I find the best face masks to save me from the flu?" Try this, live a healthy lifestyle and forget about the rest, there is honestly not much more you can do and you're worse off getting worked up over this than you are catching the "swine flu" or any flu. What, are you going to live the rest of your life in a HAZMAT suit?

Stay away from fat chicks.

What makes this virus different is the fact that it is here now and not during the normal "flu" season.

And there is no vaccine. Many of us have avoided flu with a yearly flu shot. Believe me the flu, even the garden style variety, is no fun and deadly for those with compromised immune systems.

do we know specifically what PART of central VA???

WP reports Chesterfield is one spot but Kaine doesn't want the word to get out so keep this under your hat.

@serenity - keep telling yourself that. repeat like the serenity prayer.

Only 300 confirmned cases in Mexico and 12 deaths in a county with little medical care and great reluctance to see a doctor. Initial information does not warrant grave concern.

MEXICO CITY (AP) � Mexican health authorities said Thursday they confirmed 300 swine flu cases and 12 deaths due to the virus among a total of 679 people tested so far.

Less than half of the suspected cases tested have been confirmed as swine flu, and a series of visits to the families of victims also turned up relatively few suspected cases.

Authorities had previously listed 260 confirmed cases, and said the number of cases appeared to be stabilizing.

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