Is Michael Vick the new face of PETA?

Could the world's most infamous pepetrator of animal cruelty become the new face of the one of the world's most famous animal rights group? That's what trade publication Advertising Age is reporting in an article that says Norfolk-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are attempting to reach an agreement with  former Virginia Tech quarterback and NFL standout Michael Vick to tape a series of public service announcements. Vick is presently serving a 23-month sentence for his role in a dogfighting ring run out of his house in Surry County, and will be released from prison on Wednesday, May 20.
–file photo by Will Walker


he's paid his debt , and now it is time to leave Michael Vick ALONE!! (elvis should have said this........)

Please say this isn't true !

As with many others, I thought this headline had to be from The Onion. I feel like this is a slap in the face to Pit Bulls and pet people don't want any association between that dirtbag and sweet pit bulls. All he wants it to look good in the public eye so he can get some rediculous multi-million dollar contract.

For Pit Bull passionate people - I came across a couple discussions over at We need to make sure to spread good news about this breed!

Michael Vick committed crimes, was caught, found guilty and punished. What enrages people is that he acted outside the accepted boundaries of animal treatment. In today's world animals are either "employed" by humans or are "wild". It is OK, according to their job descriptions to kill certain "employed" ones like chickens, pigs, cows. Their employment is not very satisfying on an individual level, but does ensure survival for species. The "job" of cats, dogs, hamsters is to be companions to people. If someone uses "pets" in a manner not consistent with their job description, especially in a violent and brutal way, there is public outcry. It makes the rest of us uneasy and angry when an individual makes us examine too closely the roles we have created for animals. Those roles allow us to not think much about our relationship with other creatures.

The things that Vick admitted to doing, and the things that were described in great detail at various hearings, present a man with a very sick mind. It's not a case of lack of clarity regarding the roles of animals. It's a matter of deliberate cruelty for the sake of cruelty.

Many of the things he did are often associated with acts committed by youths who grow up to become psychopaths.

The truly amazing thing (to me) isn't whether or not he deserves the opportunity to make a living (he does - that's the way it works here), but that there is this astonishing myth that he's somehow a good quarterback.

He's a mediocre pro quarterback at best, poor at worst. Compare his career with that of David Carr. It's not even close - Carr wins going away. The difference is Carr played on an expansion team and Vick played on a team with good players. He did not carry them - they carried him. As a quarterback, he's just not that good. Exciting as hell to watch, yes, but neither productive nor successful.

yes he did the crime and now he is doing the time.i think everyone deseve a second chance to do what is right. i love my dog.

Wow. Didn't see PETA making that move! all the power to them! I think if they can forgive Mike Vick, we all should.