Snap o' the Day: Welded rail

news-weldedrail Ben Bryant and Clifton Maxey of the Buckingham Branch Railroad prepare to weld two pieces of rail previously connected by bolted-on bars, shortly before 9am on Tuesday, May 5, near the intersection of Route 250 and West Leigh Drive. The work is part of an ongoing, taxpayer-funded upgrade to what was formerly known as the the historic Chesapeake & Ohio main line.

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Rain keeps coming. I guess RWSA will have to raise our rates to make up for the dearth of spring garden watering. Does anyone really believe that in 50 years we will be using chemically treated drinking water to water our lawn or flush our toilets ?

Great link at this article to Weather Underground which provides up-to-date precipitation totals for all parts of our region: May total at McCormick Observatory 1.22in, April total was 3.03in.