Snap o' the Day: Inside the Omni

news-omni The Omni hotel, in the news recently with a Hook report on the annual property tax subsidy it receives, recently completed a $5 million renovation that transformed all of its 208 guest rooms including this one on the sixth floor. For $159-269, one gets to use a mini-bar, two-line phone, a pair of bathrobes, and a marble and granite bathroom– and a trash can designed expressly for the Omni.

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For $6,000 a month fee at a local retirement facility I could stay in this plush room right on the Downtown Mall for ? nights. Guess you know my retirement plan.

Guess we don't need the Landmark now? The Omni was looking pretty frayed. It was getting embarrassing to put people up there.

Sorry, but i don't think the rooms at the Omni are all that impressive. The lobby is nice; the restaurant is fanstic. But, the rooms are small and nothing to write home about. We stayed there for New Year's Eve and even my kids were unimpressed. (They thought the rooms at the Days Inn by Red Lobster were nicer because they were more spacious.)