The Simmmpsonnns: Stamps on sale May 7

news-simpsons-stampsThe stars of American's favorite cartoon sitcom, now in its 20th season, get their own postage stamps. Ivy Postmaster Denise Thompson previews the new "Simpsons" stamps with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, but refuses to sell them until they officially go on sale May 7. And they'll be 44 cents, in honor of the May 11 postage hike.


These postage hikes are getting ridiculous --what about all of us baby boomers, soon to be demented, who can't find our reading glasses. How are we suppose to remember which stamps require extra stamps to add up to 44 in the draw of old 41,42,43 and now 44 cent stamps ?

Meant to say drawer of old stamps--can't spell or add --guess senility is already here. Hope the post office returns my letters with 41 cent stamps.

Stamps?? what are those? you have to forgive me but I've been paying bills the old fashioned way - ONLINE!! so I'm not too familiar with the pretty stickers...