Slutzky says he'll run again

Incumbent Albemarle County Board of Supervisors chair David Slutzky says he's running for reelection. Already facing  some vitriol over his willingness to raise taxes in his first four-year term in office, Slutzky will likely face a challenge from fellow business owner Rodney Thomas in the small but populous Rio District.


I am a city resident. Mr. Slutsky has told me that his voters are in favor of his position on the water plan, which is to proceed with the present plan even though the costs are unknown and most of the information is inaccurate or non-existent. What responsible politician would advocate such a position? He has also stalled getting the dredging surveys approved. If the voters in his district actually agree with this I guess they have no concern for the cost, which I find hard to believe.

Yeah he talked to 5 people so that must be the majority in his mind...though I think he really doesn't care what citizens want. He resembles the King in that Burger King commercial and acts like one too. He is the king, we are his underlings!

I'm so tired of Slutsky! I would vote for anyone else to remove him from the board. He has irritated so many. He behaves impulsively and he has often been plain rude.

David is on target with the water supply plan. He has listened to a broad group of people and understands the importance of providing enough water for Cville/Alb. I think he understands that the opponents of the water plan just happen to be more vocal than its supporters, and that it is backed by solid science.

I have heard rumblings of him trying to eliminate land use taxation, which I (and a lot of other land owners) think would be a big mistake.

Hey now... who are you calling a nut? C'mon Cville Eye, that's way harsh and simply not true. Have you ever even spoken with Ms Szakos about her platform? Did you attend any of the public forums to hear her speak on issues like transportation, education, and city staff being accountable to the people for a change?

Taliaferro is famous for his non-statements. "Maybe, possibly, might, etc." The only time he dares to stick his neck out are on the very safest issues that hit people in the pocketbook. Otherwise, the guy says nothing. Just listen to the words between the hemming and hawing-- there's no substance! He also participates far less than anyone else on Council. We need folks with some energy up there!

Betty, I have enormous respect for you, but disagree completely on this issue. Great, so he's helped YOUR neighborhood! Are there any other neighborhoods in Charlottesville, perhaps those who are less politically influential than yours? I've personally seen him cave repeatedly on many neighborhood issues, the Meadowcreek Pkwy, etc. He invariably takes the safest route. Aside from his somewhat rousing performance at the Four Boards meeting (which was an exception to the norm), I've never seen anything of real substance come out of the guy in three years.

I agree completely that we've needed to hear more from Szakos on the Water Plan, but there are many other City issues at play here. I don't believe that the entire election should hinge on Taliaferro's statements at one meeting, especially with his lengthy track record of fence-sitting and back-tracking. I could throw a rock and hit 10 people that he's promised to help, only to back away when the rubber hits the road. He is the poster boy for the Good Ol' Boy political network in Charlottesville... you know, the folks that got us into this mess in the first place! He's a 100% "Company Man."

If you're looking for someone who will stand up for something, and be willing to withstand all the bad stuff that will be thrown at them, you're looking at the wrong person. Personally, I want someone else on Council that's more like Dave Norris-- someone with some spine.

slutsky decided to run again because the simulas eco money has not arrived yet he needs to stay on the board to sway opinion to keep his eco company afloat with "going green" ideas in the school system and county rooftops until the obama stimulas ship comes to port.

Reality Check we usually do agree and I respect your concerns. I would prefer that Taliaferro opposed the Parkway but on that issue he and Ms. Szakos agree. I do believe that his determination to get the facts on the water plan, although one issue, and her unwillingness to even take a stand indicate that she is the one who lacks spine and does not indicate to me that she would look out for City residents.
I personally would not support anyone who would not take a position on such a major issue if they were running for Council.

@Aaron, "...and that it is backed by solid science." This is an example of people throuwing around groundless statements that sound good and become often-repeated. Exactly What "solic science" are you talking about? You're not going to get away with this ridiculous statement unchallenged. The 50-year demand projection was unscientifically determined. There isn't even enough information to make an estimate of the total cost of the project, scientifically or unscientifically, because there are components of the proposal that has not been evaluated, such as the pipeline from SFRR to RMR.
"...understands the importance of providing enough water for Cville/Alb." So does everybody else.
This sounds like a bunch of campaing hot air spewed out by a friend or employee and not by anyone that has been evaluating the various components of the proposal. Aaron, can you or Slutzky tell where the pipeline's easement will be and how much it will cost? Of course not, because the proposal has nothing to do with "solid science." There isn't even a solid preliminary bodget proposed for the entire project. You do your candidate no good by using this kind of ridiculous rhetoric.

Yep, I think fresh meat-- as you put it-- is needed now. When speaking with Ms Szakos, I hear more than the platitudes I hear from Taliaferro. In this instance I don't think it would be wise to stick with the devil we know.

Norris and Szakos appeared together on the mall the other day when a group of citizens endorsed them both as the candidates of choice. Jason Halbert, Julie Gronlund, and Kendra Hamilton spoke glowingly of both of them (and there's no mistaking where Kendra stands on the Water Plan!). I don't believe Norris would be seen with a candidate if he thought she had no substance, and I think that pretty much sums it up.

Aaron, being that slutsky owns less than 1 acre and he loves taxes it does not surprise me he would like to see land use done away with. think of all the government crap he could put that money towards! i have a feeling the county's ACE program is a means toward that end. the county secures as much acreage under the cover of rural preservation then they pull the rug out from under land use and say 'go ahead and subdivide we got our ACE acres'.

Vertico, ACE is a horrible concept. Any submission of land rights/sale to government is generally a bad idea. Julian Toliver should retire; Slutzky--what's in a name? Krissy Szakos is just another "cradle to grave" lib...obvious by her silly comments about public meetings, childcare, changes of venue, etc. I am so happy I do not live in Albie.

Aren't we in a David Slutzky-free zone?

I disagree that Szakos has positions and Taliaferro does not, in fact I would say it is the exact opposite, from my observations, and meetings with both of them. About her position on the water plan she said to me "I am gathering information" and to a friend she said, ask me after the election is over. This is clearly unacceptable on such a major issue. Taliaferro, on the other hand, has been very clear that he wants to protect City Ratepayers by knowing the costs of the entire plan, not bits and pieces, and that means getting the dredging surveys done. He also has done a great deal of work in the neighborhoods, helping them get their concerns addressed.

I am voting for Dave Norris and Julian Taliaferro and I hope concerned taxpayers/ratepayers and those who care about the future of the city will too.

If I were a county resident I would not vote for any politician that does not support getting the dredging surveys done ASAP in order to know the costs and then rethink the current plan in light of new information.

Neither Szakos nor Taliaferro impress me at all! I'm still very sorry that we didn't get Peter Kleeman as a councilor. Someone with knowledge, energy, and spine is what we need but I'm seeing that yet again Charlottesville is doomed to having an ineffective and largely clueless City Council.

Cville Eye-- you've been around the scene awhile, and I appreciate your comments. If you haven't listened to the forum last night (in case you weren't there in person), please do. You'll see that Kristin Szakos did indeed speak very intelligently on many of the issues, and that includes the Water Plan.

None of us will ever find a candidate who we'll agree with 100% of the time (MCP, Water, budget, affordable housing). However, I do think that some of the best Councilors grow and develop over time once in office (unfortunately, some don't!) Sometimes that comes after they've been disillusioned a few times, whether by staff or their own co-Councilors. Having spent time speaking with Ms Szakos about the issues, I have to say that she has tremendous potential to grow and develop. The most important thing, when one considers what's ahead of us all, is that she has the necessary gumption and energy. Taliaferro has proven that there's very little gumption there, and what drive and energy he does possess usually takes the form of looking out for the interests of the already powerful and politically tied-in. Just my 2 cents.

Reality Check, yes, "nut" may be a little harsh. However, Szakos has no platform. Saying that you have "concerns" about education, transportation, accountability, workforce development, etc. is not a platform. I have searched the web and have been unable to find one. Where does she say, "I plan to implement this plan, program, or initiative to do anything with any of her concerns? Moving Council out of City Hall into the "community" and getting rid of televised meetings and archival tapes? What does she plan to do about what mode of transportation? She's obviously not interested in the MC Parkway issues. The only thing I hear her talking about is involving so-called unrepresented people in the "process." What process?
I can not find any previous experience that she has had that will allow her to contribute in managing a $142M budget (business). I can not find ANYTHING that she brings to government's table. Perhaps you can help me with it. I'm sure there are many that would also like for you to do so.
As far Taliaferro, I can not bring myself to vote for anyone who votes every year on his own retirement benefits after complaining that his wife's health benefits are not as good as that of those who actually work for the city. The mere fact that he tried with his minion, the current fire chief, to take over the Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad causing me to put him in the nut basket.

Reality Check, I appreciate your comments quite frequently and I appreciate them now. After listening to the podcast, I think this is a good summary of what was said at the Dem's candidate forum:
"Challenger Kristin Szakos called for holding City Council meetings outside of Council Chambers, meetings where dinner and childcare would be made available to attendees. Szakos also said she supported a dedicated City fund for affordable housing, called for the upgrading of the Charlottesville Transit System to a ââ?¬Å?more urban” system, and said she would be a careful watchdog of City staff." and when asked about the Hillsdale Drive project she states the obvious "Szakos said the City did not do a good job of bringing all the stakeholders together to explain the road’s purpose." Lack of depth in understanding concerns.
If you are saying perhaps there's value in throwing out the old meat and bringing fresh, you may have a point, however, I hesitate giving the new meat any attributes when there clearly is no evidence. Of all of the experience currently on city council, there still isn't enough to make good decisions managing a $142M budget. These people are spending millions on housing aand yet, none of them can show you anything that's been accomplished, except using local tax money to help people pay their rent, pay their mortgage and renovate federally-owned housing. The reaaon we have many of the problems we do is that our councilors devote most of their attention to social problems and spend a vastly insufficient amount of time on all the rest. That's how Overrun O'Connell gets to control $139M and letting them play with $5M. Sadly, they will never get it.

His stance on raising taxes and on the 50-year water supply proposal indicates to me he has a thorough disregard for his constituents' money.
As the city Demos are in the process of replacing Julian Taliaferro with another nut (she has virtually no platform except for more locally funded welfare programs), so should the voters in the Rio District consider doing so.