Perriello to meet critics from Tea Party

Congressman Tom Perriello (D-Ivy) will face some of his most vocal critics head-on tomorrow. Representatives from the Jefferson Area Tea Party, they of the boisterous Tax Day rally at the Charlottesville Pavilion last month, announced that they will deliver a petition to Perriello's Charlottesville office on Friday, May 8 at 4pm, where a spokesperson for Perriello confirms the congressman will be there to receive their concerns. "Like any constituents," says Perriello press secretary Jessica Barba, "we try to accommodate with a personal meeting if possible, and Congressman Perriello was going to be in town and had the time in his schedule."


stupid move. why meet with these idiots. once you meet with them, you own the issue and become drawn into their silliness. ignore them, its clear one month after these parties that the whole event and the people associated with it have no credibility. bad move perillo

Are the Tea Party people saying anything that isn't true or intentionally or unintentionally misleading? If not, then I support their wasting their meeting with him for as long as the two sides want to. I hope somebody recorded the meeting.

Dear Music Lover,

You got a little off-topic there, so I had to modify your comments. Watch the non sequiturs, and keep it clean.

Lindsay Barnes

Wow - he's only been a Congressman for about 4 months and he already gets to have a battle of wits with unarmed opponents. Not bad for a Freshman!

What on earth is a "fugtard?"

Don't be a fugtard, Music Lover.

+1 on Mequa Shore. I bet a superiority complex is tiring.

Sorry - I forgot that the conservatives are too busy being scared and hysterical to have much of a sense of humor left.

And as for Goode, he has plenty of supporters who couldn't make it because they had to WORK. The people that did go were there because they were successful at life and had the luxury of attending because they don't have to work anymore. Since you obviously resent those among us who drive what used to be our economy, I know you'll come up with something lame to counter me and make me look "dumb." That's fine. I'm so busy at work I probably won't see it anyway.

Lindsay - you're right. My bad, and my apologies.

Jim - what is it with this fantasy/mythology that Republicans work and all Democrats do is sit around blogging and collecting welfare? I guess all those layoffs we've been seeing are just Democrats weaseling their way out of having to earn a living.

And where do you read that I somehow "obviously resent those among us who drive" the economy? I worked 48 hours this week, and it's only Friday. I don't resent myself for that, and I don't resent anybody else for that. Since I'm "obviously" a Democrat does that mean I'm also a socialist (if not a communist) and probably use food stamps to purchase hummus, arugula, and sparkling mineral water?

One thing I've learned about stereotypes: they're almost always inaccurate, and they're almost always falsely empowering to those who hold them dear. All I can say is keep believing that - underestimating the opposition's skills, talents, knowledge, and commitment is a surefire way to success!

Personally, I thank God that Tom Perriello is in Congress instead of Goode. Perriello is an earnestly decent guy who listens and THINKS. By all accounts he seems to be taking his job very seriously and, well, while Goode spends the next 18 months trying to undercut him Periello will be doing his job - and he'd have to call in sick an awful lot not to accomplish more in his first term than Goode was able to accomplish in six. Extra shameful is that for all but two of those years Goode's party was in the majority, and he STILL did nothing other than keep the seat warm.

Of course, Periello would have to really try hard to embarrass his constituents more than Goode did. Frankly, I really don't think that's even possible.

But one thing's for certain: Periello has the courage and class to meet with those who oppose him.

Worth repeating: "One thing I've learned about stereotypes: they're almost always inaccurate, and they're almost always falsely empowering to those who hold them dear."
I have listened to Perriello a lot and I never know what he is really saying. He reminds me of the student who can turn a three page paper into a ten page paper by stringing together a lot of phrases that may or may not be pertinent. Since the words contain three, four, or five syllables, everyone feels he has really said something. It's not courage that brings him to the table, it's the gift of gab.

Music Lover,

I think my tongue was as firmly in cheek saying what I did as yours was when you made the "unarmed opponents"crack. Neither statement was accurate, and mine was as intended as I assumed the intentions of yours.

Now that we have that out of the way, there's not much anyone's doing in Washington right now that I agree with. This goes back to the end of Bush's term and TARP, and will probably continue until early 2011 at the very soonest. I appreciate what Mr. Perriello is doing here to an extent; the cynical part of me however is convinced this is pandering for votes, which I'm fairly sure will not be any great success.

My understanding of the Tea Party (unfortunately I did have to work) was that it was well attended, especially given the fact that it was in Charlottesville, during working hours on a workday, and that it was in Charlottesville. I also believe there were some fiscally conservative Democrats present, not just Republicans. If true, this means I heard plenty of Democrats demeaning their own.

No matter your side of the aisle, I'd have a hard time respecting your opinion if you didn't admit to at least some concern with the money being thrown around in Washington right now. The things that led us here don't matter; there's plenty of blame to be shared on both sides. What matters is how it gets fixed. I just don't see how printing money is the answer. Allowing poor business practices to fail would be massively painful in the short term, but then we wouldn't mortgage everything we have to save the people that really got us in this trouble.

I'm cool saving the Democrat/Socialist debate for another posting. Something tells me if I tackled that right now Lindsay's eyes would bleed. :)