News flash: Sun finally shines

news-oldfootbridge-medDays of rain soaked this mossy bridge in Ivy.

Folks waking this morning to the sight of blue sky and shining sun may wonder, could today be the end of the rainy streak? According to Jerry Stenger in the state climatology office at UVA, probably not. There's been measurable precipitation for six consecutive days; more rain is called for today and tomorrow, with thunderstorms possible both days. If rain does continue to fall through Saturday, May 9, it'll be the first eight-day precipitation streak since one in December, which brought just over an inch of rain. This time around, we've already gotten over three inches. Eight-day streaks occur in two of every three years, according to Stenger, and don't come close to the record precipitation streak of 14 days in November, 1956.

The early May rainfall puts us two inches above average for the month-to-date, but, due to the dry winter, total rainfall for the year is still three inches below average.

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Right on with gray water permits, some restrictions on pesticides and their disposal, and rain collection. This marketing of rain barrels, though, is a crock. It's nice to collect a few gallons from drizzle, but big tanks and cisterns are the way to go to collect thousands of gallons.

Wonder how far our water usage has dropped ?

Rain keeps coming. I guess the water authority will have to raise our rates to make up for the dearth of spring garden watering. Does anyone really believe that in 50 years we will be using chemically treated drinking water to water our lawns or flush our toilets ?

In 50 year we should be using gray water to flush our toilets. We should all have rain barrels then we wouldn't have to water our plants from the tap.

Why are we trying to reinvent the wheel the West must already have this figured out ?

rain precipitation total at the above link for McCormick Observatory
May 2007- May 2008 = 34.93
May 2008 - May 2009 = 40.89