Snap o' the Day: Dems a votin'

news-demvote Charlottesville Democratic voters line up Saturday morning, May 9, to vote in the City Democratic primary at the one and only election spot, Jackson P. Burley Middle School on Rose Hill Drive. A heckling photographer's shouts of "Vote Republican" and "Sarah Palin rocks" had no effect on the queue of patient voters. Citizens had until 7pm to vote.

Update: Various media are reporting that incumbent City Councilor Julian Taliaferro was ousted for the nomination as newcomer Kristin Szakos and Mayor/Councilor Dave Norris got the two Council nominations. Meanwhile, the three-way race for the sheriff's nomination went to James E. Brown III.

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Citizen, Go FOR IT! We're waiting.

I think Mr. T. would have won had he supported the people and proposal to save the park and keep the road away. Didn't happen. BYE BYE

and if he had supported Dave Norris for Mayor.

Agreed Citizen. Seems Mr. T. dug his own grave.

In addition to a few other skeletons in the closet being discussed around town, Baird could perhaps still have won if he hadn't given the appearance of hitching his horse to the back of Taliaferro's wagon.

On the other hand though, I heard reliabe informaion via the grapevine this morning that the Norris and Szakos team were pretty much supporting James Brown. It seems the old guard in the local Democratic party lost control of this nomination process a long time ago.

At any rate, I am simply tickled to death with the outcome of the nomination results... and I am enjoying the grapevine discussions now just as much. :)

Any moderate electable Republican want to throw their hat in --bet they'd win ?

A Republican could probably run circles around David Brown if he were running, but I think Norris would help Szakos immensely in this contest. I'm still not sure I'm excited about having Szakos on council, but thank God Taliaferro will be going! Second only to Brown in terms of unnecessary.

This picture is now somewhat ironic now. It shows no campaign signs except from the 2 losers.

Hey Sick, YOU are right on! It seems the others didn't "get it" a long time ago, and "they LOST". Seems they would have sought better advice. Didn't happen.