Another ped hit in city

Despite new spending on pedestrian safety, another person has been hit by a vehicle. The latest incident occurred around 6pm on Saturday, May 9 near the intersection of Oak Street and South First Street in the vicinity of Oakwood Cemetary

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Last night about 9:00 p.m., a mother and father were leading their children across East Market Street at Fellini's Restaurant. They totally disregarded the "Don't Walk" indicators, walked out in front of approaching traffic and forced the traffic to stop at a green light. There doesn't seem to be any law enforcement intervention for "jaywalking" pedestrians whatsoever. And what are these careless parents teaching their children with this type of behavior?

Tom, I agree with you. Have seen the same activities myself on many occasions. But, in all fairness, Chief Longo can't be in the front seat of each car and babysit these young rookies 24 hours a day. And God only knows it's no use getting a license plate number and filling a complaint.

Pedestrians aren't going to stop getting clipped by cars until Charlottesville starts lighting its streets in an adequate fasion. You can go 5 miles an hour down High and never see the people approaching out of the shadows. And Pedestrians assume all on-coming cars are going to stop; but if we can't see them, it's anybody's guess if we will. We've started to divert to the Bypass to go home, even though that's out of our way, just to stay off the pitch black streets of downtown Charlottesville after dark.

Pedestrians remain careless in this area despite the many accidents....NOT saying that whomever was hit TODAY was at fault. But during ONE trip today, I came across pedestrians trying to cross in the middle of the street, rather than at corners or crosswalks, on Avon, Preston, Main Street, and JPA.

Many pedestrians remain firmly convinced that not only can drivers always see them, but that they have the right to cross wherever they please.

That wouldn't surprise me that it was a city patrol car. I was stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk the other day on High Street near the Circuit Court building and the next thing I saw was the lady in the crosswalk suddenly stopped. While cars were stopped at all three positions at the intersection here comes a Charlottesville Police Car running throught the crosswalk with a white female blonde officer driving totally ignoring the other vehicles that were stopped allowing the pedestrian to cross. If the Charlottesville Police don't follow the laws and this is a case of public safety the we as tax payers have to and have paid a lot of money on lately at crosswalks then we need to replace not only the Chief and his supervisors that bread this idea of the law doesn't apply to them. Come on people in the Charlottesville community make these guys responsible for there uncontrolled actions. They are rude, bossy and overbearing. Give them the uniform and badge and gun and a shiny new car with a laptop computer so they can sit around and play games on as I have witnessed many times. Come on guys do your jobs and be responsible to the citizens you are paid to protect and serve.

Hopefully this pedestrian wasn't hit by a police cruiser?

Virginia Mom, please stop! That was my line and people were expecting it from me. :)

The MINUTE the police start enforcing jaywalking, liberal charlottesville will start whining about that and probably arrange a protest of some kind, some "march on the mall" to protest the police violating their right to walk wherever they damn-well please. You guys can't have it both ways. Remember when the cop was enforcing the railroad tracks at the Corner? There's a perfect example. If someone gets splattered by a train, the police will be the target for not ENOUGH enforcement. Man.....